50 Positive Affirmations for Kids: Using Positive Self-Talk as a Coping Skill

50 Positive Affirmations for Kids: Cards hanging on corkboard.


One of my favorite coping tools to talk about is positive affirmations for kids.  Using positive self-talk can help you manage stress, re-frame your perspective, and help you make more helpful decisions.  As cognitive behavior therapy teaches, when you can shift how you think, you can influence your feelings and actions,  

Developing helpful thinking skills starts with learning positive affirmations.  Even just learning 2 or 3 mantras that are easy and generalized can be quick way to go from cognitive distortions like overgeneralization and jumping to conclusions, to more helpful thinking that helps you pause and look for the bright side of things.  This is true for adults AND kids, too.

50 Positive Affirmations for Kids

Whether you prefer sharing positive affirmations verbally or plastering sticky notes with self-talk ideas in your child’s lunch box or on your students desks or locker, here are 50+ top positive affirmations to get you started. 

(Note: you’ll notice that these positive affirmations refer to “you” instead of “I”.  Some researchers have noted that for kids, using “you” is more supportive and concrete to younger minds.)

  1. You are lovable.
  2. You are awesome.
  3. You are worthy.
  4. Trust your wise voice within.
  5. You are strong.
  6. You are brave.
  7. Stand tall with self-respect.
  8. Be courageous with your gentle heart.
  9. You belong.
  10. You matter, no matter what.
  11. You bring joy to this world.
  12. You are smart
  13. You are adventurous.
  14. Treat yourself with compassion.
  15. Talk to yourself like you would a friend.
  16. You are enough.
  17. Step into your power.
  18. You own this.
  19. Believe in yourself.
  20. Trust yourself.
  21. You are beauty-filled.
  22. You are strong like a mountain.
  23. You are resilient like a river. 
  24. You are free like the sky.
  25. You can get through hard things.
  26. Your voice is important.
  27. You make a difference in this world.
  28. You can figure this out.
  29. You are a good friend.
  30. You are clever like a coyote.
  31. You were born for this challenge. 
  32. Believe in your greatness.
  33. You are more capable than you know.
  34. You are creative.
  35. You are kind.
  36. Be amazing, wonderful you.
  37. Be proud of what makes you unique.
  38. You are loved.
  39. You are in charge of your attitude.
  40. You got this!
  41. Accept yourself, just as you are. 
  42. Take good, kind care of yourself.
  43. Do more of what empowers you.
  44. Forgive yourself.
  45. You can do second-chances.
  46. Love yourself.
  47. Just show up.
  48. Embrace all of you.
  49. You are full of possibility and potential.
  50. You have what it takes to turn your dreams into reality.

BONUS: Positive Mantras for Teens and Adults

Why not sure some positive affirmations with your friends and colleagues, too! Putting a note in a colleague’s mailbox, or placing it on their desk before thy come in the morning can be a great mood booster.  Here are a FEW BONUS affirmations that are geared more for teens and adults.

  1. You can create change!
  2. You can make a mistake and still be awesome.
  3. This feeling is only temporary. 
  4. You are in control. 
  5. Breathe, allow yourself grace.
  6. Remember your purpose.
  7. You are overflowing with achievement.
  8. Anything is possible.
  9. Keep your heart strong.
  10. Let go of what you cannot change.
  11. You are thoughtful.
  12. Your feelings are valid.
  13. Life is full of greatness.
  14. You are filled with the energy to conquer.
  15. You are full of potential.
  16. You are right where you are supposed to be.
  17. You are flexible. 
  18. Your body is strong and capable.
  19. You create safety for others.
  20. You CAN and you WILL.
  21. Embrace your silliness!
  22. You are a good listener.
  23. You are worthy of unconditional love.
  24. Focus on what you can control. Let go of the rest. 
  25. Your smile spreads joy!

Some Ways to Incorporate Positive Affirmations with Kids

As mentioned earlier, affirmations can serve as coping strategies for kids. Following is a list with different ideas for how to use them.


For example, let’s say you’re a school counselor and a new student just joined the school in the middle of the third quarter, and he or she is having a tough time, write a list of helpful positive affirmations he or she can draw on, like “This feeling is only temporary.”  Talk about what phrases can best help calm his or her anxious thoughts.  


Create positive affirmation card and hand them out to kids who look like they could use a smile on their face. Or if you’re a school counselor or teacher, have a basket full of different cards, and invite students to pick 1 (or 2 or 3).  

No time to create cards?  No problem! I created these self-esteem and positive affirmations cards for school staff, classmates, parents or caregivers to have on hand to pass out when needed. Use them to create positive reinforcement at home or at school. 

They also reinforce positive self-talk, a skill that is vital to self-compassion and developing an internal locus of control. Students can use them in friendship groups, collage making, and other crafts during small group counseling and classroom art activities. 

Like most of my products, you can print and have students color them to pass out or print them ready to use, full color. Either way, give your students confidence with a visual to remember how absolutely amazing and lovable they are, always. 

“Wear” Them!

Cut out strips of paper, write down a positive affirmation, and then wrap around your children’s (or student’s) wrist with a bit of tape.  “Wearables” are all the rave now, so why not create super low-tech wearable bracelets and. cuffs! So kiddos can remind themselves of their power or strength phrase throughout the day.  

Prefer pre-made ones?  Check out these brag bracelets! Have your students, or your own child, pick out a bracelet that best describes themselves or a classmate. Have them color each of the bracelets, or print on color paper to individually distribute with a special message. 

The brag bracelets can also be used to build a positive classroom community. Pass them out to students that are showing a growth mindset or a positive character trait. Then use the bracelets to build a chain around your room or down the hallway. Be sure to celebrate each chain and stages along the way as a collaborative goal and how each individual uniquely contributes to the classroom community. 

Turn Affirmations into A Game!

One of my favorite ways to teach and reinforce positive affirmations with kids is to create old-fashioned fortune tellers (also called cootie catchers by some).

Great as a small group or individual counseling activity, have students choose 8 of their favorite positive affirmations.  Cut, fold, and put together a fortune teller.  And then write down the 8 affirmations in the respective fortune teller areas.  Then play the game!  The player can ask the fortune teller something like, “What positive statement would be helpful for me right now?” or “What should I tell myself when I feel like giving up?”, and then go through the steps in fortune teller game.

Make Posters and Use as Functional Decor

Design your own or print out pre-made posters (you can find lots in my store) and hang positive affirmation posters on your fridge or mirror at home.  Or if you’re a school counselor or teacher, hang up a few in your classroom, hallway bulletin board, bathroom mirrors, or cafeteria.  Basically any place where students may pause for a period of time. (Like standing in line, looking in the restroom mirror, or waiting for lunch.)

Check out some of FREE positive affirmations for kids posters below! Also, be sure to leave a comment and let me know what are some of your favorite positive affirmations for kids? 

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