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COPING STATEMENTS: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Positive Affirmations


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Download our free coping statements posters!  Use these CBT pdfs to replace negative, unhelpful thoughts with more positive, helpful thoughts.  Great to use when you feel anxious, stressed out or upset.  Moreover, they can be used whenever automatic negative thinking pops ups.  Helping to reframe things in a more empowering way when its needed.  Moreover, these CBT inspired positive affirmations can help students build a growth mindset when faced with difficult challenges. 


What’s in the CBT Inspired Poster

The coping statements featured in this free pdf are:

  • It’s okay to have a not-okay day.
  • Just because I’m thinking something does not make it true.
  • This feeling is uncomfortable but it will pass.
  • I’ve dealt with harder situations and I know it will get better.
  • It’s not that great right now, but it’s not the worst thing either.
  • I prefer something else, but I can deal with this too.
  • This hurts, so I need to be extra kind to myself.
  • Not everything will go my way, but I can be flexible.


If this free coping statements resource is helpful, be sure to check out our other free CBT inspired resources on our Teachers Pay Teachers store, too!


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Includes poster and checklist, in both color and black and white.



We are COVID homeschoolers and with that comes BIG feeling for all of us. We are going to hang this in our living room in a special “quiet” spot where our child can reflect when having a hard time. This also gives us some good phrases to use when us parents are having a hard day.

-Colleen D.

May 3, 2021, TPT Review 



Great reminders for all especially when big feelings come. Going to post this in my office and give to those who might need this!

-Counseling with Sandi (TPT Seller)

May 5, 2021, TPT Review 



Great reminders for students (and adults!). Thank for sharing all your amazing resources

-Lisa F.

October 29, 2021, TPT Review