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Positive Affirmation Counseling Lesson, Self Esteem Group Activity & SEL Game



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Children love using this fun positive affirmation activity.  After all, what kid do you know who doesn’t love a good old fashioned fortune teller?  Your students will  be super engaged as they put together and play their very own unique game!

First, students will refer to the list of the top 50 kid-friendly positive affirmations that’s included in this resource.  Second, they will identify 8 of the most helpful and meaningful positive affirmations.  Then they will write them down on one of the templates.   Next, students assemble their fortune teller, which involves following directions and using other executive functioning skills.  And last but not least, they get to play!  Best of all, when students use their fortune teller, they get to practice using positive self-talk, which is a critical social emotional skill.  In short, your students will be begging to play more, all the while building a skill that will help them to cultivate self-compassion.


Why Teach Kids About Positive Affirmations

Research tells us that using positive affirmations not only helps us to feel good about ourselves and nurtures a positive self-concept, it also acts as protective factor when life gets tough.  In other words, using positive affirmations is a very helpful coping skill. This self-esteem boosting positive affirmation activity reminds children they are lovable and worthy.   Plus, students can practice turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts as they put together this paper craft activity.


Ways to Use This SEL Activity

  • Integrate this positive affirmation activity into your social emotional learning curriculum.
  • Tons of fun for small groups and lunch bunches
  • Use fortune tellers as solution focused tool when counseling individual students.
  • Interactive paper craft activity to do at home with the family.


Looking for other SEL themes, be sure to check out our Social Emotional Learning Fortune Teller Bundle!  You can also find a number of free positive affirmation inspired posters in Free Stuff section of our website.

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  • 4 do-it-yourself, customizable & colorable fortune tellers
  • 4 ready-to-go fortune tellers, in both color and black and white
  • List of Top 50 Positive Affirmations that students can refer to when designing their own, unique growth mindset cootie catcher.
  • Assembly Instructions and Directions on How to Play.
  • Lesson Plan to use in Classroom and Guidance Lessons. Aligned with ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors.


My students really enjoyed this activity! (I’ll admit- I really did, too!) It is a fun and interactive way to build positive self-talk. I will definitely be using again!

-Shelby K.

January 5, 2022, TPT Review



Great resource! Love sharing my childhood fun with today’s students! It was a very beneficial resource to use with students struggling with self esteem. Great purchase!

-Erica B.

November 9, 2021, TPT Review



Kids loved making their own fortune tellers. I even had students that were not in class the day we did this come to me later in the week and ask if I would make one with them. They loved picking out their quotes to use.

-Bridgett T.

November 1, 2021, TPT Review



I used this as a “getting to know you” activity. The kids were able to choose which fortune teller they wanted to use. After going around the room once, with each kid reading the affirmation back to their partner, the kids loved it so much that they wanted to make a different one They really loved it when they could choose their own affirmations to put in the fortune teller.

-Carrie M.

October 29, 2021, TPT Review



This is a great resource for reminding students how powerful they are. The power of affirmation is great to restore student’s self-esteem. What a fun reminder for them.

-Debra S.

October 2, 2021, TPT Review

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