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BRAG BRACELETS *Character Traits *Affirmations *Positive Reinforcement



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Young students love receiving positive affirmation brag bracelets!  Recognize and celebrate your students when they make good choices, show improvement, or demonstrate empowering character traits.  Equally important, you can give brag bracelets out “just because” they are wonderful, lovable, and worthy no matter what.  Moreover, they help teach students positive affirmations and compassionate self-talk; key skills that support a strong sense of self-esteem, self-efficacy, and internal locus of control.

Because students get to take these brag bracelets home with them, it’s a great way to let families know just how awesome, cared for, and valued their child is at school.

Teachers can use these brag bracelets as a fun positive reinforcement classroom management tool. School counselors use the as a fun craftivity in counseling groups focused on friendship, self-esteem, and social skills. For instance, you can invite students to pick one out that describes themselves or is a positive affirmation they would like to practice and integrate into their self-talk.  Then discuss what it means to them.

Since this resource comes with 50 brag bracelets designs in total, you are sure to find a brag bracelet perfect for any situation.



Print on brightly colored paper for a “pop” look. Or print on white paper, and let students color in their bracelets, creating their own unique design. To assemble, just cut out each individual strip and tape around students’ wrists. You can also laminate or print on card stock to use as positive affirmation “brag bookmarks” too! Or use as a classroom chain, adding a link each time students are celebrated, creating a working classroom community bunting to hang on the walls.


Be sure to check out our free reward message cards and other positive behavior classroom management tools, too!

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  • 50 designs in total
  • Black and white for ink-friendly printing

What the positive affirmation brag bracelets say:

  • I Show Empathy
  • I Am A Valuable Community Member
  • I Am A Team Player
  • I Am Creative
  • I Am Awesome
  • I Am A Good Friend
  • I Give It My Best
  • I Am Adventurous
  • I Am Brave
  • I Am Beautiful Inside and Out
  • I Am Important
  • I Am Ready To Learn
  • I Am A Leader
  • I Am Patient
  • I Am A Great Listener
  • I Treat Myself With Kindness
  • I Am A Good Sport
  • I Am Peaceful
  • I Am Well-Mannered
  • I Am Prepared
  • I Am Kind
  • I Am Confident
  • I Am Courageous
  • I Care For The Earth
  • I Am Optimistic
  • I Enjoy Learning
  • I Am Caring
  • I Shine Bright Like A Star
  • I Am Loyal
  • I Listen To My Hear
  • I Am Fun
  • I Am A Super Citizen
  • I Am Respectful
  • I Am Honest
  • I Am Helpful
  • I Am Trustworthy
  • Effort Is My Superpower
  • I Am A Hard Worker
  • I Am Responsible
  • I Am Lovable
  • I Am Marvelous
  • I Pay Good Attention
  • I Have A Wonderful Imagination
  • I Make Good Choices
  • I Have Perseverance
  • I Am Determined
  • I Make Safe Choices
  • I Stand Up For Others
  • I Show Compassion
  • I Am Fair


My students enjoy these positive bracelets! I print them off sometimes on colored paper and sometimes on white paper for them to color.

-Nicole R.

November 29, 2021, TPT Review



So many options! There are a ton of choices and cute designs with this download. It’s perfect to encourage little learners.

-Christina D.

August 25, 2021, TPT Review



This is a great way to intentionally focus on the positive in students and teach character development. I choose character traits I would like to see in my class. I use the bracelets as incentive to reward that positive behavior. It gives us an opportunity to talk about it, learn about it, and celebrate it in the class, which creates a more positive environment. Students love earning the brag bracelets for the week!

-Madison C.

July 18, 2021, TPT Review



My students love these. A great way to send a positive note home without having to write a note, or a great way to start the day and keep it going great.

I’m so excited to use these with my kids! I’m really hopeful that they will be motivating for my kids to improve their behavior.

-Caley H.

March 15, 2021, TPT Review

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