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Classroom Rules, Expectations & Beliefs COLORING BANNER – “In Our Class” Bunting



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This DIY Classroom Rules and Expectations Coloring Banner was designed to be a community building, classroom management art project. Each flag delineates the positive behaviors and empowering beliefs that support a successful -and safe- classroom experience. This is a fun and mindful activity to introduce and discuss your classroom rules and expectations. While students color the backgrounds, invite them to think about how their actions will reflect these guideposts. (And don’t forget to mention how coloring, creating & making art can be a great coping tool to relieve stress too!)

Includes over 35 positive classroom rules, expectations, beliefs, and guidepost designs, plus, it comes with your choice of 6 headings. There are also two sets, a black-color filled center or blank color-filled center.

The headings are:

In Our Class “, “In This Class” “In This Room”, “Our Classroom Rules”, “In Our School” and “In This School

The classroom rules, expectations, beliefs, and guideposts include:

*Everyone Belongs

*We Treat Each Other With Kindness

*We Encourage Each Other

*We Make Responsible Choices

*We Appreciate What Makes Each Person Unique

*We Work Hard

*We Can Do Tough Things

*We Are Brave

*We Help One Another

*We Respect Each Other

*Mistakes Are Proof We Are Trying

*Everyone Matters

*We Try To Do The Right Things Even When No One Is Watching

*We Listen To One Another

*We Practice The Golden Rule

*We Are A Team

*Each Person Has The Right To Feel Safe

*We Try Our Best

*We Learn From Our Mistakes

*We Celebrate Each Other’s Success

*We Say Please And Thank You

*We Use Our Creativity

*We Are Ready To Learn

*We Pay Good Attention

*Each Person Has The Right To Learn

*We Respect The Personal Space Of Others

*We Never Give Up

*We Ask For Help When We Need It

*We Ask Questions

*We Dream Big

*We Give Compliments

*We Calm Ourselves With Deep Breaths

*We Use Inside Voices

*We Use Materials Wisely

*Our Words Have Power

*We Follow Directions

*We Believe In Ourselves

*We Come To School Prepared

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