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Behavior Reflection Think Sheets for Classroom Management & Restorative Practice



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Are you looking for compassionate think sheets for your restorative classroom management practices?   These Restorative Behavior Reflection Repair Plans invite students who have broken a school rule or expectation to reflect on what they’ve done.  In particular, these worksheets help students to identify their feelings and voice their unmet needs.  Next, students acknowledge the other people that their choices impacted.  Then, they reflect on how they can make more helpful choices in the future.  And finally, students think about how they can make amends to those who have been harmed. 

Your students will love how inviting and easy to fill out these forms and choice board are.  Moreover, there are 5 different formats for differentiated instruction, with different levels of visual cues.  Teachers and counselors have successfully used these think sheets across elementary school grades, from kindergarten to 5th grade.



These behavior reflection worksheets are a great classroom behavior management tool to implement in your trauma informed classroom Grounded in restorative justice language, these “think sheets” avoid a shame-based narrative (i.e. the notion that the student “is bad”), and instead focus on the notion that the student made a “bad” choice, but is not a “bad” person. By focusing on the behavior, and not on the person, students can learn from their mistakes.  This means they can better take responsibility and accountability for the choices that they made and identify the skills they need to work on.  And perhaps most importantly, these reflection sheets encourage students to repair relationships.

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  • 10 question or 6 question Repair Plan forms (in printable PDF and digital Google Slides™ formats)
  • 5 different formats for differentiated instruction
  • Interactive Choice Board
  • Google Slides™ Mini-Lesson called “Making Mistakes, Making Repairs,” which touches on the importance of making repairs when a mistake hurts someone, in addition to teaching students how to use the Repair Plan forms.
  • Reminder Visual Cue Cards
  • 2 Apology Letter Templates (full and 1/2 page) (Note: pages similar to those found in WholeHearted’s Calm Corner Kit)
  • I-Statement Form and I Need form (full and 1/2 page) (Note: pages similar to those found in WholeHearted’s Calm Corner Kit)
  • Posters: “Get Calm First,” “Making An Apology,” and “Use Words to Say How You FEEL and What You WANT”
  • Binder Cover and Binder Spine Labels
  • Color and black/white printing options


This is an AMAZING Resource. I bought it for use with a specific student, but have since used it with all of my students as a way to learn and grow and keep peace in the classroom. My Beloved Rascal who I bought this for finds moving the velcro pieces to be calming in and of itself, but gets so much more by working through the process. We finish with a short talk where he uses the language provided and if applicable to the situation he finishes with an apology to those that he harmed. He is often able to give me suggestions for reparations or consequences which are very appropriate, sometimes better than I would have come up with. Thank you so much for sharing this resource!

-Mary D.

September 23, 2021, TPT Review



I love this product. My students with diagnosed Emotional Disabilities are able to look at their choices and hold themselves responsible for them. I don’t have to do any of the talking or holding them responsible. With this book student who I have never been able to get to go back and talk about a situation have come up with solutions to make repair with other students and teachers AND FOLLOWED THROUGH with the plan. I would gladly pay $50.00 for this recourse.

-Abby W.

September 12, 2021, TPT Review



As soon as I saw this resource I knew I needed to get it – and I wasn’t disappointed. This is going to be an extremely helpful to help streamline what the processing looks like when responding to a situation with a student. I love that there are different options so that you can utilize what works best for you and your school/students. Highly, highly recommend!

-Amanda S.

September 2, 2021, TPT Review



I bought this early on the day it came out with a specific student in mind. We’ve been working on this concept but this pack pulled it all together and in a way that he GOT!! It’s perfect!

-Allison B.

August 29, 2021, TPT Review



The admin team and me use this A LOT with students that make decisions that are harmful to others. I love the format and all the different options. I keep them on hand for our team to grab.

-Becky S.

January 4, 2022, TPT Review


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