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Positive Affirmation COLORING BANNER *Empowering Stress-Reducing Classroom Decor



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Your students will love using our positive affirmations coloring pages.  This SEL activity functions as a fun, stress-reducing SEL activity.  In addition, it also doubles as functional classroom decor.  What’s more, this DIY Positive Affirmation Coloring Banner was designed to be a hanging-from-the-walls-heart-felt “I Believe in You,” inspiring message from the teacher (or school counselor) to students. 

The classroom bunting reminds students that they are lovable, brave, amazing and awesome.  In addition, the positive affirmation coloring pages encourage students to believe in yourself and never give up on your dreams.  As well as growth mindset mantras such as, “you have what it takes to climb on”.  Or “your bravery is stronger than your fear.”


Ways to Use These SEL Coloring Pages

  • Invite students to color individual flags. Discuss with them how coloring (creating, & making art) can be a great coping tool to relieve stress.
  • Talk about the power of positive self-talk and affirmations.
  • Discuss how to apply these positive self-talk messages to their lives. 
  • You can also let them know that anytime they need some inspiration, they can look up at the walls to remind themselves of their greatness. 
  • Hang in your classroom, school hallways, or counseling office.


If you’d like fun, interactive lesson that teaches students about the differences between their Inner Coach and Inner Critic, be sure to check out our Positive Self-Talk video lesson.  Save over 30% when you purchase this set in the POSITIVE AFFIRMATION BUNDLE! 


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  • Includes 39 unique positive affirmation designs
  • Comes with your choice of 4 headings: “Dear Class”, “Dear Students,” “Dear You,” and “Dear Ones”
  • There are also two sets: a black-color filled center or blank color-filled center.

The 39 positive affirmations include:

  • You Are Lovable
  • You Have What It Takes to Climb On
  • You Are Good Enough
  • Believe In Yourself
  • Never Give Up On Your Dreams
  • Stand Tall As You Are
  • You Are Important
  • Your Words Have Power
  • Act With Kind Courage
  • You Were Made For This Challenge
  • You Belong
  • You Are Brave
  • You Matter No Matter What
  • You Are Strong
  • Trust Yourself
  • You Are Fun
  • You Are Creative
  • You Are Safe Here
  • You Are Beautiful Inside and Out
  • Treat Yourself With Gentle Kindness
  • Embrace What Makes You Unique
  • You Are Worthy of Respect
  • You Got This
  • Choose Compassion Towards Others and Yourself
  • Mistakes Help You to Learn And Grow
  • You Are Seen
  • You Are Clever
  • You Can Do Tough Things
  • Your Bravery Is Stronger Than Your Fear
  • Peace Begins With You
  • You Are Awesome
  • Listen To Your Heart
  • You Are Inspiring
  • You Are Loved
  • You Are Appreciated
  • You Have the Power to Create Change
  • You Are In Charge of Your Attitude
  • You Were Born to Stand Out
  • Be Amazing, Wonderful, Fabulous You


I love these positive affirmation colouring banners! They are fun to practice both mindfulness and positive self-talk in one session. I appreciate how this can be a take home activity as well for kids to practice.

-Rachel P.

January 5, 2022, TPT Review



LOVE these affirmations! We used these as a beginning of the year activity. Each student created one or more flags and we strung them up in the hallway outside of our classroom.

-Erica C.

January 1, 2022, TPT Review



My students love coloring these. I love the messages on each of the banners, and I like that it helps my students to calm down when we need a break.

-Miss C in Elementary (TPT Seller) 

December 5, 2021, TPT Review 



My students and I have really enjoyed doing these. Each of my students chose a couple of banners to colour/stick things on etc, with some staying at home or being given to someone they thought it could help and one coming to me to put on my wall so when we do online lessons they can see their artwork and the artwork of others behind me. I have gotten involved too and found that while I was working on my banner the words were going in and I kept thinking about them for days! Fantastic resource

-Rachel Fisher (TPT Seller)

November 14, 2021, TPT Review 



My students loved this! They were excited to use many colors and paid much attention to detail knowing it was going to be their classroom’s decor. They asked if we could do more coloring pages like this! 10/10 would recommend!

-Andrea A.

October 26, 2021, TPT Review


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