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Our Social Emotional Learning Posters Bundle contains 10 unique SEL posters!  Hang them in your classroom, school counseling office, hallway bulletin boards, or even home.  Each educational poster contains practical and helpful strategies that are simple for students to do.  Plus, the bright, colorful visual supports are accessible and relatable to students, making it easy to remind students of ways to practice self-regulation, coping tools, positive self-talk, growth mindset, conflict resolution, mindfulness, and more.  



Our social emotional learning poster bundle includes meaningful topics such as strategies to focus and pay attention in class, mindfulness, conflict resolution, and stress management tips.  Additionally, you’ll find anger management, growth mindset, coping statements, and reframing thoughts visual supports.  And of course, this set would not be complete without a feelings chart and trauma-sensitive classroom rules poster either.


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In addition to hanging up these posters for visual reminders to students, you can use these social emotional learning posters in many ways!  You can refer to them as daily feeling check-ins.  Or use a guide when conflicts come up.  Plus, students can use them on their own or with an adult when working through a challenging situation.  Your can also utilize them in your classroom break space to help students get calm and refocus.

Plus, each poster comes with a hand-on make your own collage activity, so students can make their very own customized poster, too!


Looking for free SEL posters?  Make sure to check out our Free Stuff Library!

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The SEL Poster Topics Included Are:

Each Poster Set Comes With:

  • 2-3 different printing options: color with frame, color without frame, and black and white.
  •  Files sized for 8.5″X 11″ and 18″X24″ printing.
  • Make-Your-Own Collage Poster Art Activity (Feelings Poster comes with a Feelings Check-In Form)


This resource is 100% the best resource I’ve ever purchased! I used the posters to create a Social and Emotional learning wall and a calm corner. Each morning we had a talking circle and answered a prompting question related to social and emotional learning. We would then share our answers and go to our wall and read over and discuss a poster related to the question. It was really cool to see students go to the wall and look over the posters with out prompting from me after they were introduced to them or see them implement the strategies in the classroom and playground. The resource is engaging, relevant, and beautiful. Thank you for such an awesome resource!

-Lena S.

May 15, 2020, TPT Review



These resources helped develop not only decorations for the walls in which children are able to point out their emotions and remember coping skills; but also key rings that bring the resource with them. I was able to upload a few for reference in Google Classroom for at home reference.

-Cassandra G.

September 9, 2021, TPT Review



Another awesome purchase from WholeHearted School Counseling! The posters are adorable and colorful. I can’t wait to discuss the different posters with my students. The different printing options are very helpful [black & white/ color with or without frame]. Thank you for offering great tools for my classroom:)

-Lisa L.

August 31, 2021, TPT Review



These posters are filled with practical strategies that are simple for students to do. I have a few hanging in my office already but I also have a set laminated and ready to use with students when they arrive!

-Patrick U.

August 28, 2021, TPT Review



I used parts of this resource when talking about calming strategies and big feelings with my kiddos during online learning! Looking forward to using more more of the resource in person with my new class.

-Elle Christenson (TPT Seller)

August 12, 2021, TPT Review

MULTICULTURAL FEELINGS POSTER FOR KIDS: Emotions Checklist & Feelings Chart Visual Support
Trauma Sensitive Classroom Rules & Expectations Poster *In Our Class We......
Strategies to Help Students Focus and Pay Attention In Class Poster & Collage
Ways to Build a Growth Mindset Poster: Functional Classroom Decor
10 Ways to Practice Mindfulness Poster + Make Your Own Mindfulness Collage
Stress Management Poster & Coping Skills Activity: Functional Classroom Decor
Coping Statements Poster: Kind and Self-Compassionate Self-Talk Reminders
Conflict Resolution Poster: Help Students Resolve Conflicts Peacefully
Reframing Thoughts Poster: CBT, Growth Mindset + Positive Self-Talk Activity
Anger Management Poster: What to Do When I'm Angry Checklist + Collage Activity

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