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Girl’s Groups: Self-Esteem and Empowerment School Counseling Game for Girls



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Our Get Real with Girls In Mind is a super fun girls group counseling game!  The 180 prompts cover social emotional skills, relationship-building, media literacy, friendship, the normalizing of feelings, and building self-esteem.

Perfect to use for individual counseling and small groups.  For instance,  you can use them for rapport building, as an icebreaker, lunch bunches, integrated into your already existing small group counseling with girls curriculum, and game to play on the fly when students visit you. You can also use the conversation starters as social emotional journal writing prompts too!

Not only does this product work as a stand alone game, it also can also be used to turn store bought games into therapeutic ones.  This is because all the questions and prompts are color coded. Additionally, these task cards are grouped by age, and are can be used from elementary school through middle school.

There are printable and digital formats, which include online spinners!   This means you can use this game in person and for distance learning teletherapy, too!



The girls group counseling game categories include: Top 3, Would You Rather, True or False, What If, Two Truths & A Lie, and Get Real. In other words, there are games within the game!

Be sure to check out our similar resource for Boys Small Groups. Interested in both resources?  Save money when you purchase the Girls and Boys Group Game Bundle!

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Social Skills, Self-Efficacy + Self-Esteem, Resilience + Growth Mindset, Individual + Group Counseling

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  • 180 Conversation Starter Task Cards
  • 180 labels that can be adhered to JENGA® blocks**
    • Just print them out and choose which ones you want to use!
    • The labels are colored coded, grouped by age & types of conversation challenges.
  • Ink-Friendly Set of all cards also included!


  • Game formatted on Google Slides™
  • Digital spinners


**You can purchase the fun Jenga® games at your local retail & toy stores, or go online to,,,, and many others to find JENGA®. All rights reserved.TM and ® signify US Trademarks; Pokonobe Associates owns the trademark to JENGA®.


I used this resources yesterday in my teen girls empowerment group and they loved it!! Since we are still virtual due to the pandemic, I was able to use the different cards virtually by tweaking it a little bit. The “Get Real,” “What If,” and “Would You Rather” questions were their favorites! I will definitely be using this resource whenever we are able to meet in person again. So very thankful for this resource and I’m so glad it went over really well with my teens!

-Heidi H.

October 12, 2021, TPT Review



This is so awesome for helping me get to know other students (girls) who may need something to talk about or break the ice

-Courtney H.

June 1, 2021, TPT Review



My small group fellas loved the Get Real for Boys, so I thought I’d give this a try as well! The young ladies loved sharing their thoughts and experiences, and I was able to help them relate to each other and practice empathy throughout the group!

-Montana J.

May 19, 2021, TPT Review



I have used most of the material with my girls in 5th grade. They love the dice and telling about their experiences. I found it very useful, thanks!


May 9, 2021, TPT Review



What a great resource for my 2 small girl groups! 6th grade has some girls really searching and struggling and using these cards helps open dialogue when the girls struggle with what to say. Great resource!

-Kim K.

February 10, 2021, TPT Review

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