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Conflict Resolution Strategies: use in Counseling Groups, Mediation & Lessons



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Children love using this fun conflict resolution activity.  After all, what kid do you know who doesn’t love a good old fashioned fortune teller?  Your students will  be super engaged as they put together and play their very own unique game!

First, students will refer to the list of the top 50 kid-friendly conflict resolution strategies that’s included in this resource.  Second, they will identify 8 of the most helpful and meaningful tools.  Then they will write them down on one of the templates.   Next, students assemble their fortune teller, which involves following directions and using other executive functioning skills.  And last but not least, they get to play!  Best of all, when students use their fortune teller, they get to review conflict resolution skills, which is critical to social emotional learning .  In short, your students will be begging to play more, all the while building a skill that will help them to cultivate healthy social skills.


Why Teach Kids About Conflict Resolution?

Conflict is one of those inevitable parts of living. One of the most important jobs we educators have is to teach young people how to navigate through conflict in a way which helps to build & repair relationships, as compared to sever or hurt relationships. Peacefully dealing with conflict can be an opportunity for growth, as compared to something that is feared, avoided, or pushed away. Resolving conflict can be a way to understand ourselves better and to understand others better.  In addition, it helps us to develop empathy, to cultivate resiliency, and to tap into our creativity by thinking outside of the box to come up with solutions.


Ways to Use This SEL Activity

  • Integrate this conflict resolution activity into your social emotional learning curriculum.
  • Tons of fun for small groups and lunch bunches
  • Use fortune tellers as solution focused tool when counseling individual students.
  • Interactive paper craft activity is fun to do at home with the family.


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  • 4 do-it-yourself, customizable & colorable fortune tellers
  • 4 ready-to-go fortune tellers, in both color and black and white
  • “Top 50 Conflict Resolution Strategies” List containing 50 different tools that students can refer to when designing their own, unique cootie catcher.
  • Assembly Instructions and Directions on How to Play.
  • The “Get Creative With Solutions” ready-made fortune teller, perfect to use in solution-focused counseling sessions and mediations.


I have used this so many times! I have used the different versions, depending on the situation but I find it a wonderful hands on tool that I use with students who are experiencing conflict and it provides a starting point for a conversation about strategies they can use when facing conflict. I love this!

-Nicole Black (TPT Seller) 

July 31, 2021, TPT Review 



I used this at home with my kids. My son is ADHD and has trouble with conflict resolution strategies. This was a fun way for them to figure out how to work together and resolve their problems without fighting, yelling, or running to me and my husband. Thank you!!!

-Tara O.

June 27, 2021, TPT Review



My students have been learning about conflicts and how to resolve them. We have used role plays, videos, writing activities but the “fortune tellers” kept their attention better. Since this was a hands-on activity that also required them to read and use the 50 Conflict Resolution strategies, I feel they will remember these ways to resolve conflicts and use them as needed. The students enjoyed cutting, folding, and coloring their “fortune tellers”! And of course, they had fun playing with them as they learned ways to resolve conflicts. Thank you for this creative way to reinforce our kids learning strategies to resolve conflicts peacefully!

-Laura H.

April 26, 2021, TPT Review



Great Resource! I didn’t realize how much they would love making these. Very engaging and a great thing for them to use after a lesson

-Shenise Tette (TPT Seller) 

December 8, 2020, TPT Review 



I love this resource! I use it with many of my younger clients and have adapted it to use with coping skills as well. I find that my clients ages 8 – 10 like it best.

-Carol S.

May 31, 2020, TPT Review

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