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CALM DOWN CORNER: Classroom Management Social Emotional Learning Coping Tools



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Our Calm Down Corner kit has EVERYTHING you need to help your students with self-regulation, and will be a true game changer for your classroom management. It’s the perfect social emotional learning and behavior management tool that’s essential for every elementary classroom! You’ll be able to create a beautiful break space where students can independently use coping strategies to self-regulate and manage their big feelings. All the while reducing classroom disruptions, making it easier for you teach!

With strong visual supports, our calm corner kit guides students to identify their emotions, choose a calming tool, and get ready to learn, focus, and get along with others.

It’s an effective SEL trauma sensitive behavior intervention and excellent alternative to clip charts. Used in over 21,000 classrooms, homes & counseling offices.

This Calm Corner Will Transform Your Classroom Management

As many teachers have testified, our calm corner kit is a true game changer for your behavior management system.  Just look at what a few teachers have said:

  • “If I could give this an A++++ I would! I haven’t seen such a comprehensive, all encompassing, ready to go Cool Down Corner resource such as this! Thank you so much for all of the options and resources included!” – Ryan T. on 8.30.19
  • “This has completely educated my students on their feelings and coping skills. It is transforming my classroom! Thank you!!” – Jessica C. on 12.13.21
  • “Best purchase to help with my students who need support with their emotions and regulating them. Highly recommend purchase. Awesome!” – Jaimea J. on 11.13.21

Are you a parent looking to support your kids manage their emotions at home?  We have you covered, too; there are even options for home use as well!


What is a Calm Corner?

A Calm Corner (Take A Break Station, Zen Zone, etc.) is a designated space in the classroom (or home) that invites young ones to self-regulate, breathe, and center themselves when they are having a rough time. It helps to reduce disruptions, all the while teaching students transferrable coping skills they can use both in and outside of the classroom.

If a Calm Corner could talk, it might say, “I see you are in pain or distress. I see this moment is hard for you. Let’s try some calming coping strategies that might help you move through this tough moment and feel a little better.”

It is NOT to be used as a time-out or disciplinary consequence of a child’s behavior, but rather as a nurturing, safe place that recognizes the humanness of each child, inviting them to use healthy self-regulation coping tools that will help them get ready to learn, get along with others, and practice self-compassion.

The underlying belief and philosophy which guided the creation of each element in this toolbox is this: Every child is lovable, belongs, and is doing the very best that they can given the resources and skills that they have.


Creating Trauma Sensitive Classrooms

More and more we are learning about the vital importance of cultivating trauma sensitive classrooms and schools.

Kids need to feel safe, cared for and seen before they are ready to learn and get along with others. Warrior educators like yourself understand this… and this is why we are seeing a movement to implement safe spaces, like Calm Corners and Zen Zones in classrooms.

Teaching children self-regulation coping tools helps the thinking part of their brain, the pre-frontal cortex, to get back on track when big emotions -which are adaptive and there for very good reasons- make it hard for kids to engage in school tasks. Many of our students need extra support in this area, often coming to school already in a reactive state of fear, worry & chronic stress. Until we help students manage and relate–with kindness & compassion–to these challenging emotional experiences, they will not be ready to learn the academic tools that students need to be successful in and out of school.



Be sure to check out the FREE Fight, Flight, and Freeze Reference Guide to help you recognize different stress response behaviors in kids.

Looking for Distance Learning SEL support for your students and their families? You’ll love our Digital Calm Corner.  Or if you’d like to create individual calm corner kits for each of your students, be sure to take a look at our Calm Kids Activity Book, which comes with over 100 interventions and activities in both digital and print options!

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✔ Calm Corner Signs (with 10 different name choices and 3 different styles)

✔ Rules Sign (grounded in mindfulness & self-compassion theory)

✔ Extensive User’s Guide and Description of How Each Coping Skill Helps

✔ “I Need a Break” Cards

✔ Calm Box Labels

✔ Coping Skills, Feelings, and Gratitude Posters / Decor (Multiple Styles)

✔ Coping Skills Checklist

✔ Feelings & Coping Skills Check-In / Check-Out Form

✔ Coping Tools Task Cards

✔ Interactive Breathing Boards

✔ Feel-Good Pictures (composed of funny & cute animal photos)

✔ Puzzles

✔ Yoga Poses

✔ Animal Strength Cards

✔ Positive Affirmation Cards and Posters

✔ Gratitude Task Cards, Checklist and Worksheets

✔ Over 50 Coloring Pages

✔ “I Wish My Teacher Knew” Form

✔ “I Need” Choice Board and checklists

✔ Journal Writing Prompts

✔ Letter Writing Prompts

✔ My Happy Place and Memories Task Cards

✔ Breathe and Be With My Feelings Interactive Lap Book, which includes a physical

sensations Choice Board

✔ Interactive Feelings Check-In and Coping Tools Wall Display

✔ Feelings Choice Board, Poster, and Slider

✔ Coping Tools Choice Board

PLUS, all resources come in Color and Black/White printing options, too!


If I could give this resource 100 stars, I would!! It’s comprehensive and literally has EVERYTHING needed to implement a Calm Corner the same day. I teach third, and it’s perfect for use from K-12 because the illustrations are not too childish. Great for ELs and non-readers as each strategy and tool comes with a visual. Absolutely outstanding- you can pay twice this for a resource that isn’t nearly as comprehensive or well-done. Thank you!

-Stephanie Rosevear (TPT Seller) 

September 1, 2019, TPT Review 



This has been such a valuable resource! And I love WholeHearted School Counseling! I follow her on FaceBook and Instagram – all of her materials are so good! They are cute and look nice but, more importantly, this stuff really works 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-Cameron R.

December 17, 2020, TPT Review



Oh my goodness!!! What a fantastic, comprehensive resource. There is so much included & it’s all so good. I have 2 students with ASD & they both struggle with emotional regulation & calming themselves, I’ve set up a calm corner & they have really responded to the strategies & tools. I love everything about this pack & cannot recommend it strongly enough for all children, no matter their age. Thank you so much xxxx

-Renae E C.

April 15, 2021, TPT Review



Love love love the calm corner I created in my classroom with these materials. Everything I needed was here in this kit aside from a few fidgets. Thank you!

-Melissa C.

January 2, 2021, TPT Review



What an amazing resource!!! I have used with some severely challenging students and it made such a difference. very easy to introduce and build up over time.

-Kirilee B.

January 15, 2021, TPT Review



Calm Down Corner Classroom Management Tool by WholeHearted School Counseling

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