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DIGITAL CALM CORNER: Self-Regulation Coping Skills for Classroom Management



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Our interactive digital calm corner helps children check in with their feelings.   In addition, students can choose for 25 different self-regulation coping tools, breathing exercises, and mindfulness activities to help them manage strong emotions.

Great for teachers and school counselors doing SEL distance learning , usingGoogle Classroom™and teletherapy.   Wonderful resource for students and their families who don’t already have a physical calm corner in their home. Can also help students self-regulate behavior during Virtual Classroom sessions.



No printing, laminating, cutting, or adhering required! This zero prep digital calm corner only requires a computer, tablet, Smartboard or other mobile device. It’s also designed to be child-directed, so students can even use this resource on their own.



Life can get really tough, and it’s especially beyond hard right now. So it’s important to help young people, and ourselves, to cultivate tools and tricks that can support us to get through the hard stuff of living, to relate to uncomfortable feelings with self-compassion, and to practice skills that can help us to feel calmer and more relaxed.

This is where using healthy coping strategies come into play. Healthy coping skills will not necessarily get rid of the challenging, stressful situations (especially the ones we don’t have control over), but they can help us to make better, more empowering choices and move aside some of the confusion, chaos, blahs, and crazies so that we can better see the silver lining, cup-is-half-full perspectives and possibilities.
Moreover, using healthy coping strategies like the ones included in our digital calm corner can help us build our strengths and resiliences, and are a means to take good kind care of ourselves.

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  • The Digital Calm Corner comes formatted in both Google Slides™ and Boom Cards™. So you can choose which digital format meets your needs the most. Both versions can be assigned in Google Classroom™.
  • Both digital versions are interactive, with drag and drop, box checking, and writing features, a breathing board, in addition to guided breathing and mindfulness exercises.
  • Bonus Coping Tools Checklist (in pdf format).


I was looking for a way to still provide a Take a Break spot even with distance learning and I’m so happy with this! I love how many options there are and the way that it’s set up. I will be putting this resource as in a Take a Break folder on my class Schoology along with some links to videos and breathing exercises to share with my third graders to use.

-Hannah S.

August 27, 2020, TPT Review



Great resource for distance learning!! AWESOME. — Thinking of continuing to use once students return to school and having them use in a calm corner as a digital option for a classroom calm corner. Thank you so much!

-Lindsey B.

August 25, 2020, TPT Review


This is an AWESOME resource. The students love how it is interactive either in boom cards or google slides – Thank you for making it in either format this has been extremely helpful in using it. This resource is a must have for our new digital world. Thank you for creating such an AMAZING resource. YOU ROCK!!

-Melissa Johanning (TPT Seller) 

November 12, 2020, TPT Review



This was an awesome resource- I used this a few weeks into distance learning. I’m a school counselor. I teach a lot of these strategies, and we practice them in class- but with students at home, reinforcing them was hard. They really liked this activity and I was even getting emails from them! I found out later that a school psychologist in my district had also purchased it and her kids loved it, too! Thank you!!

-Alice M.

August 15, 2020, TPT Review



Excellent product for teaching self regulation skills. This is very thorough and nicely done. I really like this product and will order more from this seller for sure.

-Wendy B.

August 8, 2020, TPT Review

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