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MINDFULNESS YOGA POSES: Brain Breaks for Classroom Management + Calm Corner



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Get your students focused and moving calmly with our yoga for kids resource.  We designed this relaxing stretches resource for with the school setting in mind.  The majority of exercises do not require yoga mats.  Additionally, we included many chair poses.  Moreover, the digital version contains all original 32 classroom-friendly poses, plus 14 new bonus floor poses, which students can do more easily at home during distance learning.

Detailed, clear, and adorable visual supports, which include accompanying animals, help reinforce the learning of each mindful yoga pose. Each exercise is presented in a simple yet informative manner. Younger students love the illustrations! Perfect for your Calm Corner, Take a Break Station, trauma informed classroom and social emotional learning curriculum.

You can incorporate these mindful movements into your classroom in as little as a couple minutes per day.  In addition, yoga for kids is a quiet activity.  Calming movements can work wonders with transitions and shift chaotic energy into peaceful energy. When students slow down and pay attention to their movement, physical sensations in their body, and breathing, it helps them to move out of a reactive state into a receptive state.  This also means they are more ready to focus, learn and make better decisions in whatever context they find themselves in.

Yoga is wonderful – and fun – coping skill; practicing yoga can improve self-control, self-awareness, mental focus, and even memory.



  • To help with transitions in school, online, or at home.
  • As Brain and Body Breaks to help kids focus and self-regulate.
  • In your Calm Corner as a reference guide.
  • During morning meetings and circle time.


If you like this yoga for kids resource, be sure to check out our 30 Animated Mindfulness Movement and Breathing Exercise Videos, too!

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  • Digital Google Slides™ presentation with and without animal illustrations
  • Printable Yoga Guide Book (with and without tabs)
  • Printable Task Cards: Square (small and large) and Circle Frames
  • Printable Posters and Checklist
  • Printable Interactive Yoga Choice Board
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Full Color, Light Color and Black/White Printing Options

**Please note: the PRINTABLE part of this resource includes just poses which can be done standing up or on a chair. The DIGITAL version includes an additional 14 poses that can be done on the floor / mat.


My clients love this resource! I appreciate how it includes a variety of different resources including posters in various forms to help explain the yoga pose and it includes variations/modifications for seated positions or those with mobility limitations. I printed and laminated the booklet using a coil and my clients love flipping through it to choose a pose to start our session.

-Rachel P.

January 5, 2022, TPT Review



Very fun resource to use to introduce yoga poses to my class. They enjoyed the animal names and poses! Great for indoor P.E.!

-Tamera P.

December 28, 2021, TPT Review



Colorful, engaging, easy to use, and fun! My students love yoga time. The pictures are so fun too ! Great resource. One you can print and begin using right away.

-Carey B.

October 26, 2021, TPT Review



We use this as part of our transition times. The students are enjoying have more movement in their days, plus the link to animals is engaging.


October 24, 2021, TPT Review



These characters are soooo adorable and the kids love them. I am the behvioral support at my school and use them daily with the students I serve in order to help them learn cool yoga coping skills.

-Victoria L.

September 25, 2021, TPT Review

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