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Executive Functioning & Focus Lesson + Privacy Office Classroom Management Tool



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Executive Functioning Skills for Kids

Teach your students executive functioning skills for kids with this fun interactive lesson and privacy office. Students learn about and practice different ways to pay attention and focus.  Then create their very own privacy office, work shield, or lap book, which doubles as a focus tool in and of itself! All the while making classroom management easier, too!

The executive functioning skills covered include planning and goal setting, organization, time management, perseverance, working memory, flexibility, perseverance, self-control, task initiation, and attention.

To keep it simple though, this resource encourages students to build these essential skills using the FOCUZ steps.


What Does FOCUZ Stand For?

  • F – FIGURE OUT YOUR MISSION: Remind yourself what your goal is.
  • O – ORGANIZE AND CHUNK IT: Break down work into smaller tasks.
  • C – CHECK IN WITH YOURSELF: Notice how you feel and ask yourself “Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing?”
  • U – USE A FOCUS TOOL: Do something that will help you to re-focus.
  • Z – ZOOM YOUR ATTENTION BACK: Return your attention back to your work.

Focus tools include various breathing, bilateral coordination, crossing the midline, gross motor and fine motor skills, and/or proprioceptive input. In addition, there are other basic strategies such as sitting up front and getting a drink of water.  Moreover, using a secret signal as a reminder to get back on task, keeping desk clean and organized, and writing a list, too.


This resource is also included in the Calm Classroom Bundle, filled with other helpful classroom management social emotional learning tools.  Including the Kids Calm Down Kit and Brian and Stress Response Lesson.

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  • Lesson available as printable pdf, Google Sides, or animated PowerPoint Presentation
  • Privacy Office / Work Shield Printable (in both color and black/white)
  • Steps to Focus Poster and Checklist of all the Focus Tools

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