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Our Trauma Sensitive Classroom Rules Poster & Banner Kit was designed to build community and add a bit joy-filled cuteness to your room. Each expectation  delineates positive behaviors and empowering beliefs that support a successful and safe classroom experience.  Moreover, the values aligns with your Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) practices and trauma informed classroom management system.

Plus, all banners and rule cards are editable, too!  So you can add or modify your own unique classroom rules and expectations.

Above all, the underlying belief and philosophy which guided the creation of this resource is this: every child is lovable, belongs and is doing the very best that they can given the resources and skills that they have at any given moment.


Ideas for Use:

  • Hang posters & banners in your classroom to remind students of what they CAN do, that they belong, are safe, important and cared for
  • Fun Bulletin Board Display
  • School Counseling Office Decor
  • Back to School lessons
  • Use Black/White posters and banners as classroom coloring activity
  • Prompts for Morning Meeting discussions and Community Building
  • Use in your Calm Corner area

You may also enjoy our free trauma sensitive guideposts and reminders for teachers when responding to a child acting out.

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  •  20 Rules, Expectations, Beliefs & Guideposts
  • Ready to Print & Display Posters (portrait & landscape)
  • Ready to Print & Display Rule Cards (full page & half page)
  • Ready to Print & Display Banner Flags (full page & half page)
  • EDITABLE Rule Cards and Banner Flags (PowerPoint files)
  • 3 worksheet and writing prompt activities to choose from
  • Lesson Ideas and Teaching Tips
  • Full Color, Light Color & Black/White Printing Options, too!!
  • 4 Heading/Title Choices: In Our ClassroomIn Our School, Our Classroom Expectations & Our Classroom Rules.


I used these rules in two of the classrooms I am apart of and the kids LOVED them! One of my students would repeat the rule to a peer if they were not following it. It was so amazing to see how excited they were over classroom rules!

-Raegan Haines (TPT Seller) 

August 31, 2020, TPT Review 



We used this as a starting place to create our own shared agreement on what makes our classroom safe. Loved the visuals and wording! This was helpful to my students who struggled to name ways our classroom could be safe beyond physical safety and into emotional and intellectual safety.

-Shanna R.

August 9, 2020, TPT Review



This is an amazing resource that is very relevant to today’s realities of being in a school setting. It is a very robust resource, especially considering the bargain price! Very well done – useful in just about any classroom setting!

-Laurie D.

August 4, 2020, TPT Review



I absolutely love this resource! It is one of my favorites on TPT! Not only do I love the different expectations/rules that are a part of this bundle, but I also love that there are ideas for how to introduce them into your classroom! It even comes with activity sheets to use with your students that deal with each expectation. I love how comprehensive this resource is!

-Kylee D.

July 31, 2020, TPT Review



We experienced a school shooting and trying to make our students feel happy, safe and welcome in their classrooms again was really important. The banners made our class bright and colourful and helped create a classroom community that felt safe and happy. thank you

-Sian R.

March 7, 2020, TPT Review


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