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DIGITAL BREATHING EXERCISES FOR KIDS: Mindfulness Video Lesson & SEL Activities



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Your students will love using our animated digital breathing exercises for kids!  Teach  incorporate fun, effective, and interactive mindfulness breathing exercises that are hands-on, concrete for kids, and offer visual supports. They are designed to be used on a computer, tablet or other mobile device.  In other words, they are perfect for social emotional distance learning and support.

We’ve also included an animated video entitled “Mindfulness Breathing Is Your Superpower”.  This SEL lesson teaches how and why mindful breathing is a helpful coping tool in the face of stressful situations.

Best of all, this lesson and digital breathing exercises are zero prep!  This means no printing, laminating, cutting, or adhering required! On top of that, kids can use this resource on their own or with a supportive adult. Extra mindful breathing is good for ALL of us right now.


Why Use Mindful Breathing Exercises?  

Mindful breathing is a great routine families and educators can implement in their homes and classrooms.  It hardly takes much time, is a quiet activity, can work wonders with transitions, and helps to shift chaos energy into peaceful energy.

When we pay attention to our breathing, and “breathe on purpose,” the oxygen that we take in literally sends a message to the brain that everything is okay.  In other words, mindful breathing helps us to move out of a reactive state into a receptive state.  This means we are more ready to be present, learn, collaborate, and make better decisions in whatever context we find ourselves in.


Be sure to check out our other animated video lessons, including one on the Brian and the Stress Response and Positive Self-Talk.

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  • 7 minute Pre-Recorded with Narration Animated Video Lesson “Mindful Breathing Is Your Superpower” in mp4 and Google Slides™ format
  • Same animated lesson as above, WITHOUT Pre-Recorded Narration in mp4 format
  • “Mindful Breathing Is Your Superpower” Google Slides™ Lesson, without Narration and without Animations
  • 4 Versions of “Why Mindfulness Breathing Is Your Superpower” pdf posters
  • 12 different Interactive Animated Breathing Boards that act as a GUIDE to practice focused breathing on Google Slides™
  • Script to the Lesson


My students are really engaged with these! I’m probably not competent in using the format. I had to physically move each piece back. I wish there was a way to reset the pages quickly. (There probably is…I just don’t know how.)

-B B.

September 9, 2020, TPT Review



These breathing exercises are amazing! They were very engaging for in-person and virtual students from K-5. I use them in classroom lessons, small groups counseling, and individual counseling. My students are learning great mindfulness and self-regulation skills from practicing these. I especially love the slide that categorizes each activity, telling you whether it is breathing, crossing the midline, deep pressure, movement, etc. so that I can identify the best strategies for specific students and/or situations. (Each exercise falls into multiple categories.) My students also love the calming music!

-Amanda W.

January 4, 2021, TPT Review



My students really enjoyed the animated breathing boards! I am never disappointed with Anita’s resources. She is one of my favorite sellers on TpT!

-The Calming Counselor (TPT Seller) 

December 8, 2020, TPT Review 



I am new to using and teaching mindfulness in the classroom. This is a great resource. My students are loving the videos. They look forward to mindfulness each day. Thank you!

-Toni B (TPT Seller) 

November 18, 2020, TPT Review 



During school closure, I was stuck on how to engage my students in our mindfulness practice as we always did something hands on and engaging when we were in-person. These slides are amazing! They are so well illustrated and engaging – even through a virtual session. Many families asked where to buy this resource so they could use them when their students became dysregulated at home.

-Taylor V.

November 11, 2020, TPT Review


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