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KIDS COPING SKILLS! Stress Management Social Emotional Lesson + SEL Activities



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Our bestselling 50 Coping Tools for Kids resource helps young people develop healthy stress management strategies.  Used by over 22,000 teachers, parents, and counselors, this lesson teaches kids how to relate to uncomfortable feelings with self-compassion.  On top of that, it invites kids to practice skills that can help them to feel calmer and more relaxed.

Although using coping skills do not necessarily get rid of challenging and stressful situations, they can help us make better, more empowering choices.  When we use healthy calming strategies, some of the confusion, chaos, blahs & crazies can go away.   This means that self-regulation help us to see the silver lining, cup-is-half-full perspectives and possibilities. Moreover, they encourage us to build our strengths and resiliences.   Furthermore, they are a means to take good, kind-care of ourselves.


Includes Many Activities That Help Students Identify Calming Strategies 

This stress management lesson helps kids to identify healthy ways to get calm that they can use the next time they feel stress or worried.  This resource offers multiple ways to do this.  You can flip through the task cards, use a coping skills worksheets, fill out the “What Helps Me Checklist”, create a stress management collage, or complete the “My Coping Strategies Survival Guide”.  Additionally, students will also have fun using the colorable coping tools fortune teller.

Since everyone has different needs and responds to activities in different ways, we included diverse coping tool suggestions.  These different styles range from mindfulness and relaxation strategies, sensory-related skills, activities that promote distraction,  exercise and movement, and thinking / processing strategies.


Ways to Use This Stress Management SEL Resource 

  •  At home with your children
  • In person or digital classroom guidance lesson
  • Small group activity
  • As a resource in your Calm Down Corner
  • Therapeutic intervention & assessment
  • Counseling office and classroom decor

Be sure to check out our FREE Ways to Recover from Stress Poster download!

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  •  Story – Lesson on Google Slides about How Coping Tools Help
  • Interactive Digital and Printable Worksheets
  • Coping Tools for Kids Posters in 3 different backgrounds
  • Coping Tools for Kids Checklist
  • 50 Coping Skills for kids Sorting Cards (ink-friendly set, too!)
  • Healthy Coping Tools Collage Cards
  • Sorting Worksheet
  • My Coping Strategies Survival Guide Worksheet
  • What Helps Me Checklist
  • My Coping Toolbox Worksheet
  • Coping Skills Fortune Teller
  • Lesson Plan, aligned with ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors
  • Ways to Use
  • Two different visual styles to choose from


I have really enjoyed sharing this resource with my students. The graphics are so kid-friendly and the coping skills are easy for the students to relate to and implement. There is also a great variety of options for all of the students to choose from and find a coping skill for them to apply in their lives. The best part is when they come back and share with me which coping skill worked the best for them! THANK YOU so much for creating this much-needed resource for my students.

Sonia Parker

April 9, 2020  



THEY ARE A LIFE SAVER! Super helpful and saved me so much time! My students were able to use them with ease 🙂 THANK YOU!

Terri Milam

August 20, 2020  



Love using this resource with students, especially during safety planning. It’s nice to a have cute, nice looking posters and checklists to go through with students and to complete the What Can Help worksheet in counseling sessions.

Anne S.

August 15, 2020



I am using this resource in the hospital as a child life specialist. Lots of my patients have difficulty identifying how they get through scary times. For the short term, I can help them, but then can continue the discussion with them once the surgery or procedure is done. Beautiful graphics make it appealing to many. Thank you so much for sharing this great resource.

Camilla S.

June 25, 2020 



This has been a great tool to help empower my daughters. It teaches them how to manage stress in a healthy way. It is a huge list of ideas.

Anne H.

May 11, 2020



I loved using this to talk about coping skills with my students during my lesson!! The kids LOVED the visual so much and found several ones they enjoyed using both at home and at school. GREAT tool!!!

Kat M.

November 16, 2021



So helpful for my kids with neurodiversity, and for all learners too, we regularly use these, and I model them myself too. Thank you!

The Kiwi Curriculum 

September 29, 2021



My students and I enjoyed using this resource in class during summer school. We had so much fun discussing emotions, coping strategies, and working on these beautiful worksheets. I have been looking for a resource like this for some time and I really enjoyed this. Thank you so much for your hard work! It is very much appreciated!

Ann N.

July 30, 2021


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