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30 Mindfulness Brain Breaks & Breathing Exercise Videos Behavior Management Tool



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Your students will love these 30 mindfulness breathing exercises and movement sensory breaks animated videos!  These self-regulation exercises encourage students to be present in their bodies and minds.  In particular, the brain breaks include exercises that involve breathing, bilateral coordination, and crossing the midline. Additionally they help to build gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and/or provide proprioceptive input. Plus, there’s also the option to integrate auditory input, too.  Just use the narrated videos with carefully selected accompanying music.

These brain and body break videos are designed to help students self-regulate, focus, and feel more centered & calm. Not only are they easy to follow, they are fun to learn!  Moreover, the movement and breathing exercises also work wonders with transitions and establishing routines.  And perhaps most importantly, these animated mindfulness exercises help to shift reactive and/or disassociated energy into receptive and engaged energy.

Want to try out a video first?  You can!  Download the free Animated Hot Cocoa Breathing exercise.

Ways to Use These Movement Breaks

  • Use as brain and body breaks to help with transitions.  Or use to help regulate the mood and energy levels of your class
  • Use in-person or for distance learning.
  • Project on a Smart Board or shared computer screen.
  • Perfect for morning meetings or counseling sessions.
  • For distance learning, share one a day with your class to complete together or assign individually.
  • Integrate into small groups and individual counseling sessions.
  • Incorporate into Occupational Therapy Sessions
  • Families can use these videos at home, too!
  • You can save the videos on a tablet that kids can use in your Calm Corner when they need to take a break.

Looking for mindfulness brain breaks that can be used with older students, or even teens and adults?  Check out our bestselling Mindfulness Brain Breaks by clicking here.

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✔ 30 Animated Videos, which range from 50 seconds to just under 5 minutes long, in
3 formats:

  • Pre-Recorded Narrated Videos with Music on Google Slides™
  • Pre-Recorded Narrated Videos (no music) on Google Slides™
  • Without Pre-Recorded Narration or music on individual mp4 files (so

that you can read out loud or make your own recording)

✔ Printable Wall Charts and Checklist (located in this pdf file)

✔ Printable PDF Visual Supports / Posters of each exercise in both Color and Black and White (located in this pdf file)


Sample a Video!

If you’d like to same one of these videos for free, before purchasing this collection, click on this link to try Hot Cocoa.

The 30 Animated Video Lessons Include:

* Balloon Breathing

* Bubble Breath

* Bunny Sniff

* Buzzing Bee

* Elephant Ears

* Finger Pulls

* Fire Hands

* Hand Over Heart

* Hawk Hug

* Hot Cocoa

* Massage It Out

* Meerkat March

* Ocean Waves

* Palm Presses

* Penguin Dance

* Piano Fingers

* Pretzel March

* Rain Tapping

* Rocks and Socks

* Roller Coaster

* Seed to Flower

* See Hear Touch Grounding

* Shake It Out

* Shooting Stars

* Stretch It Out

* Sunrise Sunset

* The Boat

* The Hummingbird

* Trace Eight

* Up and Down Elevator


Better than ANYTHING I have found commercially available or anything I could have made myself. Best for about Kindergarten to 3rd grade. I used with a group of second graders and I felt they were the perfect age to really love these.

-Micaela K.

May 26, 2021, TPT Review



I love this resource! WholeHearted School Counseling makes the best resources, and this is a perfect one for this year. Not only that, I can use it for in person classroom mindfulness as well. I love it. The illustrations are cute, and I like the variety of exercises!

-Emily C.

December 1, 2020, TPT Review



I really enjoy using your resources! I am so happy that I found your materials, because they have been so beneficial to me and my students. I started using this resource with my students today, and I really like the animation aspect. I also like that I get to “turn off” my voice, and allow my students to hear the directions from a different source. Thank you for all of your helpful resources!!

-Heather M.

December 1, 2020, TPT Review



I love mindfulness resources and I’m always looking for new resources! This is amazing! Not only are all the exercises super cute (and they go with other resources I’ve purchased from this seller), but they are narrated in case 1) I need to use them for distance learning, 2) a student is using them on their own, or 3) I’m not available and a student needs help regulating! Love these!

-Emily D.

July 19, 2020, TPT Review



This is a great resource to explore different breathing and mindfulness activities. Easy to use in person or during remote learning. Its great to explore different exercises so children know which ones they like best and that they feel work for them. Brilliantly created.

-Raechel F.

September 8, 2021, TPT Review


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