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FREE Colorable Positive Affirmation & Character Education Traits Message Cards



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These 72 self-esteem building & growth mindset encouraging message cards are perfect for gifting to students to remind them that they are awesome, unique, and important always and unconditionally.

They also work as a great positive reinforcement classroom management tool; with messages broad & expansive enough so that all children can be recognized for their strengths, efforts, and worthiness. Hand these message cards out when you catch students making a positive choice, or if they are having a tough day, share one that communicates to them that they are cared for, safe with you, and valued & accepted just as they are. The messages and words expressed on these coloring message cards will fit right into your character education curriculums too.

Other Ways to Use:

✪ As a quiet art activity.

✪ Include in your rest and return / calm down boxes.

✪ During indoor recess or for early finishers

✪ As a tool for school counselors to use when interviewing or talking with students, relieving pressure from direct conversation.

✪ These message tags can be used to discuss with your students how coloring (creating, & making art) can be a great coping tool to relieve stress.

✪ Invite students to pick one out that describes themselves or is a positive affirmation or behavior they would like to practice and integrate into their lives, discussing what it means to them as they color.

How to Assemble:

As colorable message cards, print on white paper to allow for student design. Or use brightly colored paper for a “pop” look. Card stock works best for durability. If using key rings or necklace chains as a means to collect message tags, be sure to punch a small hole at the top of the cards.

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