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Free Cognitive Behavior Therapy Tool & CBT Problem Solving Poster



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Download this free cognitive behavioral therapy activity for kids and teens!  This freebie includes a printable interactive spinner.  In addition to the interactive spinner, you can download the free CBT poster to help your students problem solve.  The 8 prompts and questions encourage young people to challenge negative thoughts.  In addition, to find solutions to any challenge they might be facing. 



The prompts included in this cognitive behavioral therapy activity include, “What is another way to view this situation?” and “What though would be more helpful and better serve you?”  In addition, “What is the evidence that this thought is NOT true?” and “What would you say to a friend if they had the same thought?” “Are you confusing your belief or thought with a fact?” and What do you have control over?  What is outside or your control?” are more questions.  And lastly, “If the worst happened, what can you do to cope and deal with it?” and “What proof do you have that this thought is true?” 


If you enjoy this cognitive behavioral therapy activity, be sure to check out our fun, interactive CBT Think-Feel-Do Card Game, which comes in both printable and digital formats.  You may also want to check out our Social Emotional Learning Digital Spinners and Printable Dice; a super helpful therapeutic intervention for young people.

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I have been looking for something that can be used in my session that is more interactive when working with CBT and reframing thoughts. I love getting my clients involved in their change, and this makes it so much more fun that the kids are willing to break down their thoughts with me! I couldn’t be happier with this product! THANK YOU! 

-Julianna D.

Reviewed on TPT December 15, 2021