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POSITIVE AFFIRMATION BANNER *Empowering Classroom & Counseling Office Decor



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This Positive Affirmation Banner was designed to be a hanging-from-the- walls-heart-felt “Believe and Celebrate Your Greatness” message to our children, students and yes, fabulous YOU too. Each flag gives voice to a unique, empowering positive affirmation, teaching and reminding us to practice the healthy coping tool of positive self-talk. I hope this banner helps to inspire your classroom, office, or home with life-affirming, joy-filled, courageous & resilient energy.

This classroom & counseling office banner comes in two complete sets, in both a calming, watercolor solid background AND a more lively fun patterned background. Choose which look you like the best or mix and match the two.

If you like the idea of hanging a positive affirmation banner from your walls, but prefer to have students (clients and or your children) participate in the creation of such decor, you may prefer the *Positive Affirmation COLORING BANNER *Empowering Stress Reducing Classroom Decor product instead.

Like the *Positive Affirmation COLORING BANNER *Empowering Stress Reducing Classroom Decor, this set of banner flags contains 39 unique positive affirmation designs, plus comes with your choice of 4 headings.

The headings are:
“Dear Class,” “Dear Students,” “Dear You,” and “Dear Ones.”

The 39 positive affirmations include:
*You Are Lovable
*You Have What It Takes to Climb On
*You Are Good Enough
*Believe In Yourself
*Never Give Up On Your Dreams
*Stand Tall As You Are
*You Are Important
*Your Words Have Power
*Act With Kind Courage
*You Were Made For This Challenge
*You Belong
*You Are Brave
*You Matter No Matter What
*You Are Strong
*Trust Yourself
*You Are Fun
*You Are Creative
*You Are Safe Here
*You Are Beautiful Inside and Out
*Treat Yourself With Gentle Kindness
*Embrace What Makes You Unique
*You Are Worthy of Respect
*You Got This
*Choose Compassion Towards Others and Yourself
*Mistakes Help You to Learn And Grow
*You Are Seen
*You Are Clever
*You Can Do Tough Things
*Your Bravery Is Stronger Than Your Fear
*Peace Begins With You
*You Are Awesome
*Listen To Your Heart
*You Are Inspiring
*You Are Loved
*You Are Appreciated
*You Have the Power to Create Change
*You Are In Charge of Your Attitude
*You Were Born to Stand Out
*Be Amazing, Wonderful, Fabulous You

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