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Mindfulness Activities: School Counseling Tools for Coping Skills, Focus & Calm



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Expand your classroom and school counseling go-to Mindfulness tools and “tricks.” This Mindfulness Toolbox features 10 engaging developmentally appropriate tools that can used with students to help develop mindfulness, skills of paying attention and focusing, compassion for self and others, and self acceptance. Includes conversation guides, games, activities, art crafts and 8 beautiful Animal coloring pages.

As teachers, counselors, parents, and adults, we often expect children and teens to pay attention and focus. But many times we fail to teach them how to cultivate these skills. Cultivating mindfulness is a research-backed way to guide young people to nurture awareness and executive functioning abilities. Mindfulness practices also make classroom management easier too! Bring peace, compassion, hope, social emotional intelligence, and connection into your classroom, school, and counseling office.

Tools Include:

* Mindfulness Counseling Guide & Corresponding Notes Form

* Over 50 Conversation Starters that invite Mindful Connection

* 18 Mindfulness Activity Cards

* Visiting Emotions Paper Craft Activity and Worksheet

* Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script

* Mindfulness Fortune Teller Game

* Like the Sky Mindfulness Activity about Feelings

* Letting Go Activity and Affirmation Cards

* 5 Senses Mindful Practice (2 formats)

* Calming Coloring Pages

* Yoga Cards

Suitable and adaptable to all ages and grades.


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Joy and Peace to you!

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