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FEELINGS, THOUGHTS, and ACTIONS: Free CBT Worksheet + Poster



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Our free CBT worksheet and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy poster illustrates how your emotions, thoughts, and actions are all interconnected. Use this pdf to teach children and teens that all it takes sometimes, is a slight shift in your feelings, beliefs or behavior to create meaningful change.

This SEL infographic helps explain the relationship between feelings, thoughts and actions.  For instance, feelings and emotions influence what you do and think.  Whereas thoughts and beliefs influence how you feel and act.  And last but not least, behavior and actions influence how you think and feel.  In other words, feelings, thoughts, and actions are all interconnected.  When you change one aspect, it impacts the other areas of your experience.

Works great with older elementary aged children, in addition to middle school and high school aged students, too.  In the attached free CBT worksheet, students or clients write down what is happening.  In addition, they write about their feelings, thoughts, and actions in relationship to that specific even.  Then, students or clients are asked to write about how a small change in either their thoughts, emotions, or behavior could impact or influence ways things could turn out instead.

For other Cognitive Behavioral Therapy tools, check out our interactive, animated Positive Self-Talk video lesson.  You may also like our free challenge automatic negative thoughts poster. 

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I just downloaded this resource and am looking forward to using it next year in my Study Skills class. But as a counselor, I will also be using it in my office with my middle school students or possibly in classroom lessons or on my podcast or….. I can think of so many ways that I will be ale to use this in my day to day as a school counselor. Thank you so much!

-Sandra S.

May 17, 2021, TPT Review 



I am a certified in Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy. This is such a great resource when I am talking with students about thoughts, feelings and behaviors. It’s especially good for the visual learners!

-Ann W. 

November 3, 2021, TPT Review 



My students are learning to make connections between feelings, thoughts and behaviors and this is an incredible resource to piggy back on previous lessons about self regulation.

-Christina D.

May 20, 2021, TPT Review