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50 THINGS YOU CAN CONTROL Free Poster and Checklist



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Why Teach About Choices Each Person Has Control Over?

Download our free 50 Things You Can Control list!  Specific and actionable suggestions that help young people develop a strong sense of self-efficacy.  Focusing on what is within your power to influence is a critical building block for cultivating self-esteem and compassion towards self and others.  In addition to having a growth mindset, and creating plans to work towards goals, hopes, and dreams. Plus, when we can identify what really is in our control, we can focus our energy on ways to create change, as compared to wasting attention on things that is outside of our power.

Use these “Things You Can Control” Poster in your counseling office or classroom to supplement your social emotional learning program.  Moreover, the included checklist is a great way to discuss problem solving and choices.

Some of the ideas presented in this list are:

  • How you respond to challenges.
  • Who you ask for help.
  • How much effort you put forth.
  • Setting your boundaries.
  • Respecting other people’s boundaries.
  • When and if you forgive others.
  • How often you smile.
  • What you focus on in this very moment.
  • The goals you create for yourself.
  • How you relate to your feelings.
  • How truthful and honest you are.
  • If and when you try again.
  • How you “talk to yourself”.
  • Reminding yourself that you are lovable.
  • What coping strategies you use.
  • Using mistakes as opportunities for learning.


Your students might also love playing our Things You Can Control Card Game and fortune teller activity, too!

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I just used this with an 8th grade boy in counselling due to parents divorcing. We were playing Jenga and after he pulled a block he would choose 2. He went from thinking their was nothing he could control to seeing a whole list of things. I will definitely keep using this. Thanks.

-Celise D.

September 13, 2020, TPT Review 



This is a wonderful resource to use with middle school children that often times wonder what they control. Excellent resource to use with all kids.

-Linda H.

May 14, 2021, TPT Review



THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this a free resource! I have it posted on my counseling website, and on the bulletin boards outside my office- super important to keep this in mind right now!

-Robyn G.

October 22, 2020, TPT Review