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THE VERY SMALL FEELINGS THESAURUS: A Free Emotion Chart Poster for Kids



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Download our very small free feelings thesaurus to help kids and teens identify their emotions. In addition, to supporting students broaden their emotional vocabulary. This is a fun alternative to an emotions wheel or chart.  Perhaps we shall we call it an emotions grid! Moreover, this social emotional learning freebie can also come in handy for ELA writing assignments, too!

Choose from 4 different printing options, in color and black and white.


And the Feeling Families Are…

Our free feelings thesaurus includes 9 different families.  The groups are anger, happy, sad, peaceful, surprise, fearful, shame, excited, and powerful.

For example, the feelings included in the anger family include annoyed, threatened, frustrated, outraged, offended, resentful, disgusted, repulsed, aggressive, and furious.  Whereas, the happy family words are optimistic, cheerful, fulfilled, grateful, delighted, satisfied, glad, content, and sentimental.  While sad words are bummed, hurt, powerless, depressed, down, pain, discouraged, bored, empty and helpless. On the other hand, powerful feelings include confident, brave, creative, proud, successful, fierce, important, inspired, and daring.


Be sure to download our free feelings chart to see the other emotional category synonyms.


For other SEL activities, check out our fun Feelings Playing Cards.  Plus, you and your students may enjoy learning about emotions with our fun Feelings BINGO game, too!


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Available in 3 different color styles and black & white version.


This is used as a feelings check in at the beginning of each class. I refer to the different quadrants and then call out one of the feeling words. We are working on identifying our own feelings as well as expanding our feeling word vocabulary.
-Janet N.
October 24, 2021, TPT Review 

We use this resource in all of our classes as we are learning to build empathy. It gives students words to use in describing the feelings of people we are learning about. For example, in reading, we will stop in a book at certain points and discuss how a character is feeling using our chart for words. We use it in social studies to understand how people felt at different times in history, such as Native Americans during the late 1800’s and the opening of the West. We use it in Bible to discuss how different Bible characters may have felt at different times.
– Tamara R.
October 13, 2021, TPT Review 

I have young children and I’m a therapist in training so I’m always on the look-out for resources that make understanding and identifying feelings easier. The pdf is very crisp and clear and would suit online use or print out. Thank you for creating and sharing this lovely resource for free.
-Rayna M.
April 20, 2021, TPT Review