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Multicultural Feelings Posters, Emotion Chart & SEL Activity: Body Language Cues



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These multicultural feelings posters for kids, mega emotion chart, and worksheets provide definitions, facial expressions, and body language cues for 50 different feelings.  In short, this SEL resource is like a Feelings Dictionary for Kids!  With detailed visual cues, children will be able to distinguish how body language and facial expressions are different for different emotions.

This emotions chart is a great tool to invite discussions about feelings with your students.  The detailed visual body language cues will really help your students understand what each feeling means!

Hang the feeling posters in your classroom or counseling office. Or use the Feelings Handbook during individual, small group, or SEL lessons.  Plus, you can use either in person or via distance learning.


Why Use Feeling Posters?

Social Emotional Learning starts with children recognizing, labeling, and understanding the different feelings that people experience.  These feelings posters will help children to name feelings, and develop empathy for other people’s feelings.   

Moreover, your students will love the fun illustrations, and be able to easily identify with the diverse, multicultural characters. 

If you’d like to try out a FREE SAMPLE before purchasingclick here!

Looking for a fun social emotional learning game you can use in your individual and small groups?  Check out our Feelings Playing Cards!

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  • 50 Feelings Posters with Definitions on Google Slides™
  • The Feelings Handbook for Kids on Google Slides™


  • 50 Feelings Posters with Definitions in Color and Black / White
  • The Feelings Handbook for Kids in Color and Black / White
  • Jumbo Feelings Chart containing 48 Emotions in Color and Black / White

The 50 Feelings Included Are:

Amused, Angry, Annoyed, Anxious, Bored, Brave, Calm, Cold, Confident, Confused, Content, Curious, Determined, Disappointed, Discouraged, Disgusted, Embarrassed, Energetic, Envious, Excited, Friendly, Frustrated, Furious, Grateful, Grumpy, Guilty, Happy, Hopeful, Hot, Hungry, Jealous, Joy, Lonely, Loved, Numb, Offended, Overwhelmed, Proud, Sad, Scared, Shame, Shy, Sick, Silly, Surprised, Thirsty, Thoughtful, Tired, Uncertain, and Worried.

If you like the visuals offered in this resource, check out my Feelings Bingo Game: a super fun face-to-face OR distance learning SEL lesson.


This is such a complete feelings dictionary! It’s a very accesible way for kids of all ages to learn and understand their feelings. An absolute must have for every parent or anyone who works with kids 🙂

-SE L.

February 5, 2021, TPT Review



It is great for demonstrating different feelings for my ESL students. And as I teach at a school with many different cultures it is great to finally have some material that each and every student can relate to and feels themselves to be seen and acknowledged.

-Jana M.

February 5, 2021, TPT Review



What a fantastic recourse! Goes well with Zones of Regulation and RULER Approach!!!! Thank you so much for making timely and useful tools to make my job so much easier!

-Stacy Janssen (TPT Seller)

January 28, 2021, TPT Review 



I have gotten many items from this store, and have found all of the resources extremely engaging for students and helpful to help them grow their SEL knowledge. I just got this item and look forward to using it to help students identify emotion cues!

-Amanda G.

January 28, 2021, TPT Review



I decorate my class every month (I know excessive) but my students love it and I have seen a huge jump in participation. Great resource!

-Kristen H.

December 2, 2021, TPT Review

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