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School Counseling Bundle: Resilience, Optimism, Gratitude & Wellness

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Woodland Wellness Warriors BUNDLE was created to help young people foster hope, optimism, resilience and strength-based practices into their lives. In the line of Positive Psychology and Solution Focused Brief Therapy rather than focusing on what is “wrong,” this collection of activities invites us to pay attention to what is “right,” building on practices that promote wellness.

Woodland Wellness Warriors focuses on the following themes:

*Strengths & Resilience




*Creativity & Play



These practices cultivate not only a general sense of well-being, but also have been shown to improve physical & mental health, relationships, and academic success. This game is a great compliment if you are cultivating a trauma-sensitive classroom, helping students with high ACE backgrounds (Adverse Childhood Experiences). It asks questions that encourage students to reflect on their resiliency, connection with others, optimism, strengths, self-compassion, and grit (or growth mindset): critical tools towards a more trauma-informed school.

This BUNDLE includes:

The SCOOT classroom lesson includes a Pre/Post Assessment, in the form of a ladder scale, which asks students how the feel before playing SCOOT and how they feel after they have reflected on all that works and they hope for in their life. Time after time, when students focus on gratitude, their strengths, the connections in their lives, and their hopes, they report feeling better and more optimistic.

The conversation starters can be doubled for both the Woodland Wellness Warriors question cards and used separately, standing on its own as small small group conversation or even as journal and writing prompts.

This is not just for school counselors or social workers to use with students, teachers can use these games, activities, and lesson too! Perfect for Fall themes, especially Thanksgiving, as an original component of these activities involves practicing gratitude. Use with counseling groups, individual sessions, and guidance lessons.

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*Optimism *Growth Mindset *Gratitude *Resilience *Hope prompts to use w/ JENGA®
School Counseling Guidance Lesson: Resilience, Grit, Optimism, Gratitude & Hope

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