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PORTABLE CALM CORNER: Self-Regulation Coping Skills & Mindfulness Activities



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Need a portable calm down corner kit?   This easily moveable feelings check-in and coping tools interactive lap book is perfect for any small space or on-the-go behavior management reference.

Children will find a feelings chart, size of the problem, and list of 20 coping tools choice board.  Best of all, all of the calming exercises are effective and appropriate for use in schools.

For example, the self-regulation strategies include:

  • do a mindfulness breathing exercise
  • draw or color
  • exercise
  • push against the wall
  • stretch or do yoga
  • do a chore
  • help someone
  • write a letter or journal
  • ask for help
  • use positive self-talk
  • give yourself or a stuffed animal a hug
  • practice gratitude
  • do a puzzle or build something


Ways You Can Use The Portable Calm Corner:

Use as part of your trauma sensitive classroom management or social-emotional curriculum.  Additionally, you can use this lap book an individual intervention for children who need additional support with self-regulation. Can act as a stand alone Calm Down Corner or supplement your already existing classroom, counseling, or home Take A Break, Peace Corner, or Zen Zone.  Great as a Check-In and Check-Out resource, too.

Based on hundreds of testimonials, after your students or children use this resource, they will feel better, more focused, and ready to learn.

Looking for a Digital Version? Check it out here.

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  • Choice between full color, light color and black/white printing options
  • Bonus “How Are You Feeling?” Posters (in 3 printing options and optimized to print in both 8.5″X11″ and 18″X24″).
  • Bonus “I Feel” Checklists

What’s Needed to Assemble Choice Board:

  • Hook and Loop Adhesive Dots
  • Paper Clips, Binder Clips, and/or Clothespins
  • File Folder


I use this for students who have trouble with outburst and anxiety. It seemed to really help focus the student and teach them ways to self regulate.

-Holly K.

August 28, 2021, TPT Review



This is absolutely fantastic and my students really found it helpful. It is a lot of preparation but once it is done, it is set and forget! Very well aligned – but different enough to not be confusing – with zones of regulation.

-Stefanie W.

August 21, 2021, TPT Review



This process honours kids so wonderfully! All feelings are valid and they have the power to regulate. Such a valuable process in an engaging, easy to follow process for kids to do independently. LOVE THIS!

-Jocelyn M.

August 12, 2021, TPT Review



I use this lapbook ALL THE TIME! It is such a fun and easy way to check in with my students and let them choose their own calm down option when they need to. This is a wonderful resource!

-Courtney R.

July 31, 2021, TPT Review



This is stationed in Alaska (my cool down zone) and my students love it. It helps students who don’t know how to verbally express their feelings tell me how we can fix the problem together and also helps them learn how they can self-regulate.

-Krista Tharp (TPT Seller) 

July 19, 2021, TPT Review 

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