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IF FEELINGS COULD TALK: A Free Social Emotional Learning Poster



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Download our free If Feelings Could Talk poster, to help kids and teens better understand what their emotions are trying to tell them.  Use this SEL infographic to teach students that emotions are not bad or good.  Or right or wrong.  Rather, feelings are like visitors that stop by to deliver important messages.  They can tell you information about your situation.  They can show you what you care about. Feelings let you know what you like or don’t like.  Moreover, they can communicate to you about what you may want or need.

For instance, as noted in this free SEL download, if feelings could talk sadness might be telling you that you need to cry. Loneliness might be communicated to you that you long for connection. Resentment might be a message that it’s time to forgive. While emptiness could be an urge to do something creative. Anger could be letting you know it’s time to check in with your boundaries. All the while anxiety could be a reminder to mindfully breathe.  As stress could b communicating it’s time to take just one step at a time.


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Thank you so much for this simple, yet powerful resource! I shared it with my counseling students and their parents, and I also printed one to hang at home, because we have ALL the emotions during this shelter in place! This is something I am going to refer to for years to come. Thank you for making it free & available!

-Mix Mix Millan (TPT Seller)

May 8, 2020, TPT Review 



These are ALL so beautiful. I had a big blank bulletin board in my counseling office, and these fit my style perfectly. Look great printed on cardstock. THANK YOU for this amazing set of posters.

-Sockmonkey Science (TPT Seller)

November 6, 2020, TPT Review 



Thank you so much! I have integrated SEL to my class routine, so this poster was super useful to spark conversation on such an important topic: If feelings could talk….
-Jessie A.
October 19, 2020, TPT Review