FEELINGS SCALES: Free SEL Activity Slider to Help Kids Identify Their Emotions


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Download our free feelings scales to help young children identify their emotions. Emotion identification is not only the first step to self-regulation, but it is also a coping skill in and of itself.  Sometimes called an emotion chart, you can use this SEL intervention to turn an abstract concept into something more hands-on and concrete.  For a young child who has difficulty understanding how she or he feels, talking about emotions can be overwhelming. 

Many times, when a child has a hard time expressing their emotions, they communicate via unhelpful behaviors.  Alternatively, using a feelings scale is a more helpful way communicate emotions.  This intervention helps young children express their feelings directly and with calmness.  And as a result, it helps young children make more mindful choices about what to do next.  

Our feelings scale is a great visual support tool that helps kids communicate their feelings to others. Students can use these to quietly communicate their emotions to their teacher.  For instance,  to let them know they need a break or additional support.  Young children can also use these tools at home, to help them better communicate with their family. 


What’s Included

  • Choose between either 6 or 14 different emotions.
  • Feelings scales include boys & girls, girls only, and boys only.
  • Color and black/white printing options.

Please note: additional materials needed are paper clips and/or pipe cleaners & beads.


Be sure to check out our multicultural feelings posters & body language cues and playing cards, too!


This resource was easy to use, explain and practice naming feelings with. client have taken this to their classrooms and have used it to alert teachers to any struggles they are facing. The simplicity of this resource makes it suitable for all ages.

-Caroline O.

November 2, 2021, TPT Review 



I absolutely LOVE this resource. I have laminated them and given them out as bookmarks to my students. It really helps them express how they are feeling for the day.

-Chelsea G.

November 3, 2021, TPT Review 



I used this during my small group lunch bunch as a way to do a “temperature check” with students as we begin. The were then able to take these home at the end our of sessions. Great resource!

-Dawn L.

December 20, 2021, TPT Review