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FEELINGS LESSON: Counseling & Social Emotional Activities, Workbook & Comics



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Teach kids all about emotions with this fun feelings lesson comic book! Each chapter includes a short mini lesson plus engaging SEL activities. Students will learn how to identify their emotions, emotional regulation strategies, and the difference between feeling and “acting out” on feelings. All skills which helps build empathy for others, as well.

Perfect for classroom guidance & social emotional learning lessons, small groups and homeschooling, too! Jam packed with visual supports, the comic book format means even your most reluctant readers will love this lesson about feelings. Best of all, this SEL lesson is super low-prep: just upload the google slides file or print and go!

Check out the PREVIEW and VIDEO above to see what you’ll get.

⭐️ Click here for a FREE SAMPLE CHAPTER: “Feelings Are Like Visitors”

⭐️ Download the fun I-Spy Feelings Challenge, adapted from this comic book, too!

What’s Included

  • Over 50 pages of comics and fun, interactive puzzles and social emotional learning activities.
  • Each of the 8 chapters can be taught as a mini-lesson, or you can chunk as many lessons together as you like and pick and choose which puzzles or SEL activities to do.
  • Printable pdf files in both color & black/white.
  • Digital Google Slides files of entire comic book and SEL activities
  • Bonus Mini Feelings Thesaurus Poster

Topics Covered (26 pages of comics!)

  • Everyone has feelings (normalizing all feelings)
  • Mixed Feelings
  • Feelings come and go
  • Feelings are like visitors that deliver important messages
  • Recognizing feeling sensations, including comfortable/uncomfortable, big energy/small energy
  • Identification and labeling
  • Feelings aren’t bad or good
  • Fight-Flight-Freeze feelings
  • Feelings are meant to be felt: when you try to shut out certain feelings, ends up shutting out other feelings you may actually want to to feel
  • Listening to your feelings; if feelings could talk what would they say
  • Healthy versus unhealthy ways to express and cope with feelings, including using I-Statements and stress/anger management strategies

Activities Include (25 pages of fun activities!)

  • I-Spy Feelings Challenge
  • Crossword puzzle
  • Word search
  • Feeling maze
  • Word riddles
  • Feelings thermometer
  • Mindfulness grounding exercises
  • Feeling and Body Signal Check-Ins
  • Self-reflection drawing and/or writing opportunities

Ways to Use

  • Use as a classroom SEL lesson. Read the book out loud or project the digital slides onto your whiteboard. Can be broken up by the 8 chapters and taught in short 10 minute sessions. Or combine chapters for a longer lesson.
  • Small groups covering emotions, copings skills, empathy, and anxiety.
  • Use as a workbook in individual counseling. Fantastic intervention to help children better understand and relate to their feelings.
  • Great for families, too!

What Educators and Parents Are Saying:

  • This is an absolutely beautiful little comic book to support young people to understand their feelings. It’s well thought out and beautifully diverse. I love the layout of reading followed by activities.
  • As a school counselor, I found this resource invaluable for the start of the school year. I highly recommend Wholehearted School Counseling resources. She is one of my “go to” when I need something.
  • My son is pretty bright and witty going into second grade. He will turn his nose down at anything he doesn’t think looks ‘cool ‘ or looks like it’s made for little kids. This was really effective and fun And empowering for us both.

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