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FREE Conversation Starters Digital SEL Game: No-Prep Fun for Small Groups!



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Looking for a fun conversation starter game that’s digital for kids (teens, and even adults, too)?  If so, you’ll  love The Conversation Starter Game!  Perfect for back to school activities, ice breakers, and rapport building.  Moreover, the questions and prompts are designed to break the ice and start meaningful and fun conversations.


How to Play The Digital Connect Game

First, taking turns, players/teams choose a number based on the spot they would like to place their pawn. Then answer the corresponding conversation starter question/prompt. Next, move game pawn to cover the number just answered. Players continue to take turns answering questions/prompts and moving their pawn pieces.  Finally, the first player/team has completed a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line of either 4 or 5 in a row.


Ways You Can Use The Conversation Starter Game:

  • Small groups for social emotional learning support and skills practice
  • Individual counseling sessions as an assessment tool.
  • The actual act of playing the game provides insight into children’s social skills, decision-making process and frustration tolerance.  In addition to the level of respect for rules & boundaries, and problem-solving abilities.
  • Playing also builds social skills!
  • Community and relationship building classroom group activity

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I am a School Counselor so I use this as an ice-breaker when starting small groups in a virtual setting. They’ve loved it. Simple, engaging, and a great way to prompt some conversation with minimal work

-Melissa S

February 16 , 2022, TPT Review



I used this resource all throughout my small groups during Distance Learning and now that we are in person, I still use it. They love it! It has kept them engaged and has been fun.

-Celina S

September 22, 2021, TPT Review



I’m running a middle school social group and it is SO difficult to come up with new and fun activities for the kiddos each week. This was fun, engaging, easy to use, and it helped us get to know each other better. LOVED IT! I need more like this.

-Controlled Chaos In Upper Grades

February 9. 2021, TPT Review