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EMPATHY: Print + Digital SEL Game | Social Emotional Distance Learning



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Looking for a fun SEL game to teach kids all about empathy?  If so, you’ll  love The Empathy Card Game!   The questions and prompts encourage players to identify feelings, put themselves in other people’s shoes, and respond to others empathically, with care and consideration. 


Ways You Can Use The Empathy Self-Talk Game:

  • Small Groups for Social Emotional Learning Support and Skills Practice
  • Individual counseling sessions as an assessment tool.
  • The actual act of playing the game provides insight into children’s social skills, decision-making process, frustration tolerance, level of respect for rules & boundaries, and problem-solving abilities.
  • Playing also builds social skills!
  • Fun for Family Game Night!
  • Community and relationship building classroom group activity


Now Available in Both Print and Digital Game Formats

You now get to choose between playing the printable card game format or the digital Google Slides™ version.  So whether you are in person or need an interactive social skills game for distance learning, teletherapy, or virtual small groups, we got you covered!


How to Play The Digital Positive Self-Talk Connect Game

Taking turns, players/teams choose a number based on the spot they would like to place their pawn. Then answer the corresponding empathy question/prompt. Move game pawn to cover the number just answered. Players continue to take turns answering questions/prompts and moving their pawn pieces until the first player/team has completed a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line of either 4 or 5 in a row.

For a Free “Sample Example” of how the digital game works, please download my Conversation Starter Connect Game!


How to Play The Printable Positive Self-Talk Card Game

In the spirit of other popular shedding-type card games, the player to get rid of all their cards first by wins. Players try to “match” the top card in the discard pile, by either laying down the same number, color (or shape, if using the black & white set), or type of action card. If the card contains a question or prompt about empathy, that player shares their response. The player may choose to decline responding by using 1 of their 2 Pass Tickets. Actions cards add fun twists and turns to the game. Actions include:

  •  TAKE 3: The next person in line must take 3 cards before taking their turn.
  • ROTATE RIGHT / ROTATE LEFT: All players pass on, or “rotate,” their cards to either the left or right, so that everyone exchanges hands with each other.
  • GO AGAIN: Player gets to “go again,” gaining an additional turn.
  • FREE!: Player who discards a FREE card is “free” to choose a new color (or shape) for the discard pile and then discard an additional card based on the color (or shape) they changed it to.
  • FREE + SPY!: Player who discards a FREE+SPY card can spy on one player by peeking at their cards and then is “free” to choose a new color (or shape) for the discard pile and then discard an additional card based on the color (or shape) they changed it to.


Make sure to check out our FREE Social Emotional Learning Resources!

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✔ The Empathy Connect Game on Google Slides™


✔ TWO sets of The Empathy Card Game: in both color AND black and white! So if you don’t have access to a color printer, no problem! You can download and print in black and white too! Instead of color, players match up cards with shapes!

✔ Detailed Game Directions

✔ Tips on how to use the game as a Therapeutic Intervention

✔ Over 75 Questions & Prompts

✔ Action Cards

✔ Pass Tickets


My students love all of your games during my classroom guidance lessons in the building. Now that we are distance learning, your games have really helped me during virtual guidance lessons, as well. Students don’t realize they are having to think critically while playing the game. It keeps them engaged and participating. Thank you so much for sharing your resources!

-Cameron C.

January 6, 2021, TPT Review



It was a lot to prep (I wanted two different decks of cards so probably my fault, haha). But, it was definitely worth it once all assembled!

-Emily J.

October 25, 2020, TPT Review



I have a few boys who find it very difficult to talk about feelings because it is uncool or whatever. I can sneak these in while they are playing cards so it is not so hard for them to talk and share. I have purchased many of these card games.

-Brooke T.

October 19, 2020, TPT Review



Love, love, love these card games!

-Nina Hunter (TPT Seller) 

January 3, 2022, TPT Review 



Love the uno cards!

-Emily E.

November 30, 2021, TPT Review

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