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CONFLICT RESOLUTION BUNDLE: Help Students Resolve Conflicts Peacefully

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The conflict resolution for kids bundle is jam packed with tools to help elementary students solve problems peacefully.   Learning how to resolve conflicts is one of the most important social emotional learning skills we can teach young people.  This collection of SEL activities include community-building lessons, visual supports and a fun fortune teller game activity.  In addition, it includes our effective and engaging step by step conflict resolution guide for kids. 

Students will practice and learn about how to use I-Statements, to share and take turns, to get calm first, to find win-win solutions, and to apologize when you make a mistake.  Best of all, after using these SEL activities, kids will start learning how to be peaceful problem solvers all on their own without needing adult intervention.


Ways To Use:

The SEL resources included in this bundle will help with your classroom management.  The lessons and activities are a great supplement to your SEL curriculum.  Moreover, you can use these resources as interventions with individual students who need extra support with conflict resolution skills.  The step by step choice board works wonders during mediation.  And you can even use some of these peaceful problem solving tools to help kids during recess.


Social Emotional Learning Activities Included:



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CONFLICT RESOLUTION FOR KIDS: A Step By Step Mediation Guide for Elementary Students


Conflict Resolution Game Show Lesson

Conflict Resolution Lesson Social Skills Quiz Show


I-Message Game Show Lesson

Teach Students I-Statements Conflict Resolution Guidance Lesson


Conflict Resolution Fortune Tellers

Conflict Resolution Fortune Tellers SEL Activity


Conflict Resolution Card Game

Conflict Resolution Card Game for Kids Social Skills Small Group Counseling Activity


Make Your Own Social Skills Game

Make Your Own Social Skills Counseling Game: Conflict Resolution, Friendship, I-Messages &Empathy



Just WOW! I love this resource. Not only has this helped my students, but it has helped me. When a conflict arose in my classroom I would jump to solve the problem and quickly give a consequence (don’t judge please). It really allowed me and my student to walk through the conflict resolution process. This is just a powerful tool! Thank you!!!

-Isamar V.

October 16, 2021, TPT Review



My students loved utilizing conflict resolution games during group social work. My students were engaged and upset when group time was over.

-Brooke B.

September 30, 2021, TPT Review



As a speech pathologist, I use this bundle for my students who are working on emotional regulation. They LOVE the activities and the graphics are just so cute and visually engaging. When I printed the activities, I have not hesitated to print them in color because they are so appealing. The i-statements game show is a hit in my group therapy sessions. I can’t recommend this bundle enough!

-Kristy T.

April 26, 2021, TPT Review



This worked during distance learning because you’re able to use the content presentations to help the students through the activities. The iMessages specifically helped my small group address how they were feeling about their workload, chores, and siblings during virtual learning.

-Angel Haye (TPT Seller) 

March 12, 2021, TPT Review 



My students this year were having trouble interacting with each other in this “new normal”. This activity was a great refresher about how we should talk with each other.

-Kristina W.

January 24, 2021, TPT Review

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