individual & group Counseling

When it comes to counseling kids individually or in groups, it’s all about understanding their unique developmental needs and how they express themselves.

Check out these helpful ideas and interventions for interactive, effective and fun individual & group counseling experiences with kids, tweens & teens.

10 quick tips for
Individual & group counseling with kids

  1. Remember that building trust and showing empathy is key. So is creating a sense of belonging. Let them know you’re there to support them.
  2. Each child is unique, so adapt your approach to fit their individual needs and preferences, like customizing a playlist just for them!
  3. Get creative and choose activities that match their age and stage! Use cool stuff like games, art, play, movement and stories to make counseling fun and engaging.
  4. Make them feel safe and heard. Create a space where kids can freely express their thoughts and feelings without judgment.
  5. Establish clear guidelines and expectations for group behavior. They need structure, like the rules of a board game, to feel safe and know what’s expected of them.
  6. When working in group counseling, encourage everyone to speak up and listen to each other.
  7. Keep things organized and clear, so they know what to expect. Providing a roadmap will help your students or clients feel more secure when they know where they’re headed.
  8. Teach them coping skills every chance you get. Make it part of the routine.
  9. Celebrate victories, no matter how big or small! High-fives and fist bumps are a must.
  10. Stay flexible and adapt your approach as needed. And if all else fails, pull out the snacks. Lots and lot of snacks.