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SOLUTION FOCUSED SCHOOL COUNSELING: Individual Counseling Goal Setting Tools



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School counselors and therapists love using our Solution-Focused Counseling Toolbox!  Inspired by SFBT, the Solution-Focused Counseling Toolbox includes tools and tricks to help young people step into their power!  All of the therapeutic interventions are engaging and developmentally appropriate to use with students.  Moreover, the problem-solving tools encourage students to recognize their strengths, resiliencies, hopes, & possibilities.

This resource comes with lots of SFBT worksheets and goal setting activities. The downloads include over 80 conversation starters and counseling session guide.  In addition, there are child-friendly SFBT worksheets inspired by the Miracle Question.  As well as several scaling pdfs.  Counselors and their students and clients love our Animal Strength cards, along with the fun fortune teller game and strength shield collage.

Available in digital and printable formats!  Which means you can use both in-person and for distance learning counseling, teletherapy, and virtual counseling groups. Suitable and adaptable to all ages and grades.

Many of the school counseling activities found in this toolbox are also part of my Solution Focused Counseling Choice Board. Check it out to see which one might fit your needs the best!

Also, you may love our FREE Problem Solving Mystery Board!  Filled with solution-focused prompts that help young people solve problems.


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Solution Focused Counseling Tools Included:

  • Guide to Solution Focused Counseling & Corresponding Notes Form
  • Over 80 Conversation Starters that invite Connection & Possibilities (in print format only)
  • Magic Wand Miracle Question
  • Time Machine Miracle Question
  • Animal-Themed Solution Focused Counseling Guide and Strength Cards for Children
  • Ladder Scale
  • Dandelion Wish Miracle Question
  • Mountain Scale
  • Who Is Your Hope Team Worksheet Support Map
  • Strength Shield Worksheet & Collage Cutouts
  • Solution Focused Fortune Teller Game
  • Tree of Hope Solution Focused Hanging Scale

The majority of the interventions are also available in a Google Slides™ file, making it great to use with teletherapy or digital counseling.


Loved this resource for individual counseling sessions! You have brought to life many SF techniques! I had a kiddo LOVE making his shield!

-Sarah M.

July 18, 2021, TPT Review



Great resource to use when identifying strengths and helping students to focus on areas that student would like to improve.

-Shannon T.

December 6, 2021, TPT Review



This resource is beneficial for my students and me. It is essential to focus on a student’s strengths, and this resource makes that easy!

-Allie F.

November 30, 2021, TPT Review



I absolutely LOVE these activities and visuals. These have improved my individual counseling sessions so much. Thank you!

-Natalie J.

October 21, 2021, TPT Review



Great resource for my use to keep my counseling sessions on track. Also, love to focus on a student’s strengths and what they want out of the counseling experience.

-Jami Z.

August 27, 2021, TPT Review

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