I-SPY COPING SKILLS! Free Social Emotional Learning Activity for Kids


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Download WholeHearted School Counseling’s I-Spy Coping Skills!  A free social emotional learning worksheet for kids!  This super fun SEL activity is and effective way to discuss different calming strategies that are developmentally appropriate for children.  In addition to that, the actual worksheet itself is a sort of coping tool as well!  As students search for the different coping skills, it increases focus and even self-regulation, too!

An I-spy coping tools that kids get to search for include getting creative and building or drawing something; represented by building blocks and coloring pencils.  To symbolize exercise and moving, we used a trampoline, running shoes, yoga mat, and a bicycle.  Musical notes and a guitar symbolize singing and making music.  Laughter and being playful are symbolized with a big-smiled emoji and dice.  In addition, the other I-Spy Coping Skills are getting enough sleep, cleaning, drinking hot tea, connecting with others, and getting out in nature. 

For other interactive activities to that support children, be sure to check out our Calm Kids Activity Book (which also doubles as a portable Calm Corner). In addition, you may enjoy to our 50 Coping Tools for Kids lesson and worksheets.  


This month, I’m visiting with classes about worries and things we can do to distract ourselves from them. The students loved talking about what each picture represented and then finding them on the page.

-Sanders’ Science Stash (TPT Seller)

November 15, 2021, TPT Review 



I thought this was such a great idea for a resource to teach elementary students about coping skills. A couple of students and I noticed that there are minor typos though, in case this can be edited- we actually found 7 of the Legos/blocks rather than 6, and 6 hearts rather than the 5 listed. Thank you for sharing!

-Stephanie D.

May 19, 2021, TPT Review 



I love this resource! It is very easy to use with students and they like finding the different pictures. I look forward to using it with more students in the future.

-Joanne F.

December 4, 2020, TPT Review