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GRIEF: Free Social Emotional Learning Poster



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There are many different feelings of grief.  Loss can be experienced as many different emotions.  And it can show up and express itself in so many different ways.  And each person experiences and processes loss differently.  Many people describe this emotion as something akin to an ocean wave or rollercoaster, full up ups and downs.  Back and forth.  Big and strong.  Then small and slow. Grief is a natural response when someone or something you love and care deeply about is gone, lost, or has died.  The’s the emotional suffering that comes with loss.  The pain that comes along with loss can often feel overwhelming and confusing.  In part because often experience many different kids of challenging and unexpected feelings.

This free download illustrates the some of the different felt sensations and expressions.  For instance, it can look like anxiety or even anger.  Grief can show up as loneliness or sadness.  Or perhaps in the form of pain.  Or numbness.  Grief can feel like boredom.  Fatigue.  Or yearning.  Included in this infographic is an open circle that says, “insert your feeling here,” inviting the viewer to express their own unique experience or feeling of grief as well.  For instance, grief might also be felt as guilt, depression, disbelief or shock.

You can use our different feelings of grief as a conversation starter about loss. In both pdf and Google Slides™ digital format.

For a more comprehensive therapeutic tool, you may find our Coping with Grief Printable Card Game and Digital Connect Game helpful.  In addition to the various coping tool resources we offer.

Take good, kind care of yourself and loved ones.

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Thanks for sharing your ideas with us! Lovely poster. So simple, but efective and interactive! Keep on doing the good work! Love and respect all the way from Brazil! :0)

-Julio Cesar de Campos Rodrigues (TPT Seller)

April 11, 2020, TPT Review 



Office decor. I have a whole wall of these posters! LOVE!

-Dina T.

October 31, 2021, TPT Review 



Simple and easy to use; I love these posters because they are a great conversation starting point!

-Stephanie L.

May 7, 2020, TPT Review