FREE BRAIN BREAKS For The Classroom in Printable & Digital Formats


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Download our free brain breaks when you sign up to WholeHearted School Counseling’s newsletter.  Includes 30 engaging, energizing, and fun short exercises that help students to focus and get ready to learn.

Comes in both printable and digital formats.  The pdfs are available in both color and black and white printing, and includes both rectangular and circle cut outs.  In addition, you will get a googles slides file and WholeHearted’s exclusive digital spinner, too!

Our free brain breaks include exercises such as Mirror Mirror, Say Your Name, Rock Paper Scissors, and Air Painting.  Others include Animal Walk, Adventure Hike, Like a Tree, and Act Out Emotions. In addition, there’s Hop It, Air Sports, and Balance Walk, too!

Build brain breaks into your transition routines. Do a brain break at least once every 15-20 minutes when there has not been any other opportunities for students to move. Or do an exercise or two when your students are wiggly, sluggish, or unfocused. Better yet, take the preventative strategy.  In other words, invite students to do an exercise before they display wiggly, sluggish, or unfocused behaviors.

Best of all, each of the free brain breaks provide detailed visual supports, too!

Looking for exercises that promote more quiet, reflective energy?  Check out our free brain breaks mindfulness sample pack.