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FEELINGS & COPING SKILLS Counseling Games: Great in Anger & Anxiety Small Groups



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Save money with these 5 low-prep Feelings & Coping Skills Counseling Games covering Anger, Coping Skills, Feelings, Joy & Happiness, and Worry & Anxiety. Plus, with color & number coded SEL questions and prompts, you can use any store bought game you already have and easily transform it into a Feelings and Coping Skills SEL game!

Draw a blue card, token, stick, or block? Respond to prompt in the blue category! Land on a green? Answer a green coded question! Roll the dice and get a 3? Respond to a #3 question!

What Game Card Topics Are Included?


•Coping Skills


•Joy and Happiness

•Worry and Anxiety

Ways to Use

A breeze to use and packed with tons of visual supports and engaging prompts, you’ll use these games often for:

  • small groups
  • lunch bunches
  • individual counseling
  • distance learning
  • intake interviews
  • ice-breaker activities and rapport building
  • adaptable for classroom lessons

What’s Included?


  • All 5 topics come in 30 prompt sets AND 6 prompt sets

✓ 30 prompt sets are grouped by: Top 3 (red-1), Complete It (blue-2),
True or False (yellow-3), What If (green-4), Risk (purple-5), and You

Just (orange-6) categories.

✓ 6 prompt sets ask open-ended questions that promote skill
reinforcement, generalization, and flexible thinking.

  • 3 Game Boards
  • Dice
  • Over 40 Game Pawns
  • Pass Cards
  • Detailed Users Guide and Tips to Use as a Therapeutic Intervention
  • Color and Black & White Printing
  • 2 Versions/styles (please note: the “older version” does not contain illustrations)

Digital: Google Slides

  • 30 prompt sets digital game
  • 6 prompt sets digital game


The Feelings and Coping Skills Counseling Game is also included in the 32 Make Your Own Counseling Games Bundle, which contains a total of 32 different topics (including the ones in this resource) and over 950 questions and prompts designed to promote student success, agency and growth. AND, because it’s a bundle, is hugely discounted. (So if you like a good deal, you may want to check the bundle out first!)

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