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EXPECTED VERSUS UNEXPECTED BEHAVIORS: Social Emotional Digital Counseling Lesson



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Teach your students about Expected versus Unexpected Behaviors at School in this interactive executive functioning social emotional learning lesson. Now includes both Google Slides™ and Power Point Presentation files, which allows you to use for SEL distance learning, teletherapy, virtual counseling groups, school counseling guidance and in person lessons.

Ways to Use The Game Show

☀Distance Learning ready

☀This FUN, interactive guidance lesson & game can be used as a stand-alone or review on impulse-control, executive functioning strategies, or as a supplement to your social skills curriculum.

☀Great for small groups focused on social skills and executive functioning.

☀Helps support your classroom management.

What’s unique about this community building lesson?

The Game Show format is hands-on and experiential, with many of the challenges inviting students to role play.

This guidance lesson & classroom game encourages reflective thinking, and is designed for students to show off and build on their smarts in different ways.

Plus, the questions and challenges are 100% customizable so if you like, you can edit them to better fit your specific needs.

It’s low-prep, perfect for all you busy counselors and teachers!

Counseling Lesson Plan is also included!

The Game Show Categories Include:

ACT IT OUT: teams act out / role play the challenge prompt.

TRUE or FALSE: teams decide whether the statement is true or false.

SKETCH IT: teams quickly draw their answers.

IMAGINE IF: teams answer “Imagine If” questions, using their imagination & problem solving skills.

RISK: teams take a “risk” because the type of question and/or challenge is not revealed until chosen.

What’s needed to play the Expected Versus Unexpected Game Show?

✔ If using in person, It is best used with a Promethean White Board or projector that that can be hooked up to your computer.

✔ If using for distance learning, all students need access to the internet. You can share the google slides™ file with your students and/or share your screen!

✔ Want to go screen-free? No problem! This Game Show also comes with printable task cards with the same prompts as the Game Show challenges.

Provides lots of flexibility….

Given that the GAME SHOW takes 40-60 minutes to play, and sometimes we just don’t have that much time….or that the GAME SHOW works best projected on a original screen, and sometimes the technology breaks down….or that there are days when we walk into the classroom and just know that a whole classroom game is not going to fly that day….and sometimes students need more quiet, reflective activities……I have included more than 6 additional formats that do not require the use of the internet. (Note: the additional activities do involve some printing prep-work.)

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