COPING SKILLS LESSON: Low Prep Stress Management Quiz Show SEL Activity


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Looking for a low-prep, interactive coping skills lesson? Guaranteed you and your students will have tons of fun playing this quiz show style SEL activity!  Best of all, your students will learn, and practice, stress management skills.  For example, they will learn about, and practice, different self-regulation and calming strategies.



You can use this Game Show as a stand-alone classroom guidance lesson about coping tools and/or supplement to your social emotional learning activities. Great for your small groups, too!  Moreover, it’s distance learning ready:  it includes both Google Slides™ and Power Point Presentation files, which allows you to use for SEL distance learning, teletherapy, virtual counseling groups, school counseling guidance and in person lessons.


What’s Super Sweet About this Lesson on Coping Skills?

The Game Show format is hands-on and experiential.  Moreover, your students will use reflective thinking, cooperative learning, and be able to show off and build on their smarts in different ways.  Plus, the questions and challenges are 100% customizable so if you like, you can edit them to better fit your specific needs.  On top of that, it’s low-prep, perfect for all you busy counselors and teachers!  There’s even a school counseling guidance lesson plan included, too!


The Game Show Categories Are:

  • ACT IT OUT: teams act out / role play the challenge prompt.
  • TRUE or FALSE: teams decide whether the statement is true or false.
  • SKETCH IT: teams quickly draw their answers.
  • IMAGINE IF: teams answer “Imagine If” questions, using their imagination & problem solving skills.
  • RISK: teams take a “risk” because the type of question and/or challenge is not revealed until chosen.


What’s needed to play the Game Show?

  • If you are using this SEL lesson in person, it is best used with a Promethean White Board or projector that that can be hooked up to your computer; it’s formatted as a power point presentation and now google slides™, too!
  • If using for distance learning, all players need internet access. Share your screen with students!
  • Want to go screen-free? No problem! This Game Show also comes with printable task cards with the same prompts as the Game Show challenges.


Provides lots of flexibility….

Given that the GAME SHOW takes 40-60 minutes to play, and sometimes we just don’t have that much time….or that the GAME SHOW works best projected on a large screen, and sometimes the technology breaks down….or that there are days when we walk into the classroom and just know that a whole classroom game is not going to fly that day….and sometimes students need more quiet, reflective activities……I have included more than 6 additional formats that do not require the use of the power point presentation or google slides™. (Note: the additional activities do involve some printing prep-work.)



  • M 1. Belief in development of whole self, including a healthy balance of mental, social/emotional and physical well – being
  • M 3. Sense of belonging in the school environment
  • M 6. Positive attitude toward work and learning
  • B-LS 2. Demonstrate creativity
  • B-SS 2. Create positive and supportive relationships with other students
  • B-SS 6. Use effective collaboration and cooperation skills


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  • The Game Show comes in both Google Slides™ and PowerPoint™ files.
  • Prompts and questions are also available as task cards in a pdf download.
  • Optional pdf worksheets to complete the Sketch It and Imagine If categories.
  • School Counseling lesson plan
  • Detailed instructions and suggestions for modifications.


This was great for distance learning. I’ve struggled with finding remote activities that are engaging and relevant to their goals for lower elementary, and this was perfect! I liked that I could edit the questions as well. Helped modify for my various classes!

-Ashley Riker (TPT Seller) 

July 15, 2020, TPT Review 



Another amazing resource from WholeHearted! Students think we are playing a game, but I know we are gaining SEL knowledge while collaborating with peers! You are a genius!

-Renae L.

September 4, 2020, TPT Review



I used this resource as a fun way to review strategies we have discussed. The students were engaged and it was a great buffer to my other lessons. It was easy to use and worked great with my 5/6th grades.

-Anna A.

December 3, 2021, TPT Review



I used this with my 3rd grade gifted class to practice the coping skills and stress management strategies we learned about. Very fun and engaging!

-Madison C.

September 28, 2021, TPT Review



I really appreciated the online component of this. I could use it with my students in person and online. The students were engaged when we use this resource. I actually purchased a bunch of these games because of how much my students enjoy them. I also like the extra resources that come with them. I am definitely happy with this purchase!

-Ashley S.

September 2, 2021, TPT Review