WAYS TO SHOW YOURSELF SOME LOVE: Tips for Self-Compassion Poster


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Download our free tips for self-compassion poster!  Geared for teen girls and young women, this printable suggests 8 different ways to build self-esteem.  Each of the strategies are doable, specific and action-based.  Making it a helpful reference guide for school counselors, therapists, teachers, and even families, too.   Available in full color, light color, and black and white printing options.  

Ways to Practice Self-Compassion Tips

  • Trust your brave, wise voice within. She knows the way through.
  • Imagine what the most meaningful life would look like to you, then take a step towards that.
  • Do the basics when in doubt: drink water, exercise, rest, laugh, cry, sing, talk, listen, hug.
  • Choose creating over consuming (unless you get to consume something with chocolate….then choose that.)
  • Check in with and hold your boundaries.
  • Stop scrolling, unplug, and be present in this world in your own beautiful body and breath.
  • Practice self-compassion over seeking perfection and self-forgiveness over self-judgment.
  • Give yourself permission to feel all the feelings. And pay attention to what your feelings are telling you that you need.


For other self-esteem building interventions, click here.  You may also want to download our free 50 Ways to Build Self-Esteem poster, too!


I have been following you for a few years now, I think (time has gotten fuzzy over the past year), and I just want to say how awesome and helpful your resources are! I love EVERY SINGLE ONE of them! I use them with my students, my co-workers, my children, and myself!!! And, the fact that you give so many FREE posters is just the BEST GIFT in the world! Thank you for sharing your talents so beautifully and generously to help us all with the struggles of this life! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Keep doing amazing work!!!!

– Michelle D.

April 30, 2021, TPT Review