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Free Social Emotional Learning Activity: Coping Tool Exercise in Digital + Print



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Download our free gratitude worksheet for kids entitled “Things I am Grateful For.” Not only is it perfect for lessons about being thankful, it is a fun coping tool intervention as well. The practice of gratitude is both calming and grounding.  Reminding ourselves about what is good in our life can be a helpful strength and resilience-building practice.

The gratitude prompts include:

  • A person I am grateful for is…
  • Something that energizes me that I am grateful for is…
  • An invention I am grateful for is…
  • Something I love to create or build that I am grateful for is…
  • Someone I can count on that I a grateful for is…
  • Something funny I am grateful for is…
  • A goal I am grateful for is…
  • Something I want to learn more about that I am grateful for is…

Available in both digital and printable formats, too.  Use in both in-person and in distance learning classroom or counseling sessions.

If you enjoy this free gratitude worksheet for kids, you will love the full resource that it’s included in.  This pdf is one of over 100 SEL and resilience-building exercises and interventions in our  Calm Kids Activity Book. Kids and teens also love playing our Gratitude Card Game, as well!

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I have used this both in the school setting and outpatient therapeutic setting. I love the visuals combining to learn and reinforce coping skills!

-Katherine B.

December 27, 2021, TPT Review



Thank you so much for sharing this resource. I teach adult students (ages 20 – 26) who have severe cognitive and physical disabilities. My students found it engaging!

-Lori J.

December 6, 2021, TPT Review



SEL- This was a great addition to one of my lessons on mindset and self care. The visuals and pictures were simple and left room for discussion. This was placed on my Google classroom as a resource. Thank you.

-Violet H.

September 19, 2021, TPT Review