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WholeHearted School Counseling’s Terms Of Use



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Thanks for checking out WholeHearted School Counseling’s™ Terms of Use! Below is a quick summary, too:


  • You may use this product for your personal use: in your home, classroom, or counseling office.
  • Make as many printed, hard copies as you need for your own classroom or caseload use.
  • You may share online with your own students and their families on a PROTECTED,SECURE, and PRIVATE platform that is not searchable, accessible, or available to anyone else outside of your school or agency.
  • If the resource comes in a Google Slides™ or Boom Cards™ format, then you may share the entire resource as a Tier 1 Intervention (to all your students.)
  • If the resource is in a PDF format, you may share online with your own students and their families no more than 10 pages of any one resource for Tier 1 interventions.You may share more than 10 pages of a pdf resource for Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions; as long as it is with no more than 20% of your caseload.
  • You may share as many copies of any FREE WholeHearted resources as you’d like.
  • Please give credit to WholeHearted School Counseling as the author, and remind students and their families that this is a copyrighted resource that is for their sole use only, and to please not share with others, in printed form or online.


  • Please do NOT share any paid WholeHearted resources with anyone outside of your classroom or caseload.
  • Please do NOT upload any WholeHearted resources to a public website, such as a school website that is accessible to the public, on social media accounts, or Facebook group files.
  • Please do NOT share in a school district file, district-wide digital platform or district-wide email chain.Please do not email or post digitally any files to others outside of your school.
  • Paid resources (either digital or pdf) CANNOT be shared with colleagues, other teachers, or school counselors for their own use.  Please refer them to my store if they would like to purchase their own license.
  • You may NOT extract, copy or use any parts of WholeHearted resources, including the illustrations, to create something new or distribute in any way, for either personal or commercial use.
  • You many NOT use any part of WholeHearted School Counseling resources for private commercial training or teaching purposes, such as OutSchool.

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