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POSITIVE AFFIRMATION BUNDLE! Positive Self-Talk Tags, Decor, Games, Bracelets

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This Positive Affirmation & Self-Talk Bundle contains Reward Tags, Classroom Decor, Brag Bracelets and Self-Esteem Cuffs, Games and a fun Hands-On Craftivity Lesson, all which encourage students to reinforce positive self-talk and to identify their strengths. Rather than being performance based, teaching positive self-talk affirms each child’s inherent value, lovability, and possibility.

Research tells us that using positive affirmations not only helps us to feel good about ourselves and nurtures a positive self-concept, it also acts as protective factor and coping skill when life gets tough.

These Positive Affirmation resources remind students that they are worthy of love and belonging, always and unconditionally. They also reinforce positive self-talk, a skill that is vital to self-compassion and developing an internal locus of control.

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Ideas for Use

In friendship groups, collage making, and other crafts during small group counseling and classroom art activities.

Use wall decor and banners to build community and set classroom boundaries and norms.

Pass out reward tags as part of your positive reinforcement classroom management program.

Play the Positive Affirmation Card Game in individual or group sessions, or use in classroom centers.

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